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Young Billionaire – Episode 9

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Episode 9
The romantic prince

💕Young billionaire 🔞


I couldn’t really comprehend what really happened, I mean the lady I’ve been looking for is actually Jerry’s friend but how come I never knew of him having a friend ? We are always together so how come ? Or is this a coincidence?.

I sat down and watched the competitors particularly her , thanks to jerry I now know her name .Angle huh! She’s beautiful and has made it this far into the competition , today they’re gonna be choosing only 7 competitors in preparation for the final round and the winner will emerge.

I saw the look in Ray’s eyes . seems like he is truly interested in angle and I’ll help him get closer to her so I’ll have peace of mind .

I’ve promised his mom ever since we were little that I’ll help him in whatever he ventures into and that includes helping him settle down and this angle is the first lady to attract his attention.

Luckily I got her number I’ll start my plans tonight, I’ll get them together no matter what and if I finally die I’ll be able to face his parents.

I turned back and went to get another cup of coffee .

I got one and went back to the venue , I saw him starring seriously at her , gosh if someone told me that Ray will ever fall for an lady I’ll tell the person that he or she is crazy . This is quite unbelievable.

I got to where he was and handed the coffee to him , he looked at me as if he was suspecting me of poisoning the coffee and finally gulped it down in one shot leaving me shocked .

Everything about him is changing, is it just cos of that lady ? Ray likes sipping his coffee until its finish and this is his favourite coffee I didn’t expect him to do that.

Yea it’s because of her .

The competition finally came to an end and we stood to go.

The competition was really tough , it’s getting tougher as expected and oops I managed to make it through to the finals , Mira also made it through.

We were celebrating outside with a bottle of fearless and pizza that Mira bought.

Oh gosh you can’t believe how happy I am , the finals is gonna be next week , thank goodness they are giving time to prepare for the finals cos I no it’s gonna be real tough, Mira said while sipping from her drink .

Yea me too , I replied her .

She looked at me again.

Wait I thought that guy took you to change into another dress, she asked glaring all over my body .

Yea , I simply replied.

Then what happened? Where is the coffee stain ? She asked almost yelling.

He bought me another dress, I replied smiling even tho I don’t no the reason .

Really? Same dress? I’m wowed , she said admiring the new dress.

Yea he is such a gentle man , and handsome too , I said dreamily and she looked at me suspiciously.

What I’m just saying the truth , he even collected my number, I added and eyed her.

You like him already ? She asked in surprise.

What ?am I not allowed to , I cut her in .

Hmm who is that guy really,I’ll go find out , wait for me , she said and left before I could utter anything.

Hmm do I like the guy already, em well I guess so , he is nice .

My phone suddenly started ringing, I looked at the caller , it was an unknown number.

I picked the call up and heard a familiar voice.

“Is this Angle”? The caller asked.

Immediately a smile lit my face , it’s that Jerry guy .

Em yes , you’re speaking with Angle, I replied still smiling .

OK good , can we meet up tonight???..


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