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Young Billionaire – Episode 8

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Episode 8

*The romantic prince*

💕Young billionaire 🔞

I’m more than shocked at Ray’s confession, I mean this is not the Ray I know , why did he suddenly change or could it be that something made him change his mind?.

Wait could it perhaps be that lady he was looking at , is she the one he actually wants for sex ?.

I’ll need to do something to confirm this, I can’t believe this .

Next morning
Ray took his bath and requested we leave for the competition immediately, he didn’t request for an early morning sex , he didn’t even have breakfast, this is shocking, I couldn’t sleep yesterday night thinking about what could have happened to Ray.

I opened the white limo and he entered.

Ray stop opening cars for me okay ? You aren’t my servant or something , he said and I nodded .

I’ve actually gotten used to opening cars and even doors for him , he always warns me to stop every time but I’ll still end up doing it again .

The driver ignited the engine and soon we were at the competition, Ray was a bit restless, the competition was yet to begin so not all competitors were expected to be there , he seems like he was eye searching someone.

Seeing his conditions, I offered to get him a cup of coffee, the competition will kick off in thirty minutes time.

If Ray did his usual thing , we couldn’t have been there so early tho I no what that competition meant to him .

I went out and bought a cup of coffee , am not a fan of coffee tho i could have gotten one for myself , I was heading back to the competition hall and boom someone boomed into me making the coffee pour all over the person’s dress.

Holy Moly I’m so sorry , I pleaded not looking at the person’s face but the dress , I got to realize it was a lady and she replied with “I’m so sorry too” cause of the sweetness of the voice , I was forced to look at the person’s face.

I looked up and she also starred at me making our eyes clock .

I ruined your coffee, am sorry , she pleaded again jacking me off my thought.

This…this…the lady from yesterday , yea the one Ray was starring at .

No no I ruined your dress gosh am sorry, I wasn’t looking, I cut her in .

Someone called her and she faced the direction of the person that called .

Angel what happened to the dress I single handedly selected this morning, the yelled in surprise and she couldn’t talk, it was a white clingy gown , too clingy .

I got to no her name , Angel !

Em I looked at my watch , the competition is starting in 25 minutes , lemme get you another dress please , I asked and before she could reply, her friend did .

Yes please , she said and I looked at her face .

OK Angle let’s go , I said and she smiled and followed me .

I got into the car and told the driver to drive us to the nearest mall .

And he ignited the engine and left .

Em Angle right? I asked and she nodded with smiles, now I know why Ray was starring at her , she’s extra beautiful with pointed nose and small lips that could kill .

Am Jerry, I said extending my hand to her and she took it with smiles .

Seems like she’s a shy one , cos she looked away almost immediately.

We arrived the mall and I asked the sales lady to get the exact dress .

She came back with the exact dress and I asked her to change into it , she went into the changing room and returned after changing, she was looking more beautiful.

The lady there smiled at her , oh your make-up got ruined a bit thank goodness I brought my make-up kit , she giggled and applied makeup on Angle’s face .

Wow I simply said and she blushed .

Let’s go it’s almost time, I said and we hurried into the car which drove back to the competition hall.

Wow this guy is super nice and handsome too , you don’t get to see guys like him nowadays, most of them just want to taste my body cos they say I’m beautiful, he didn’t really look at me seductively making me like him the more .

I got really nervous and expected jerry to be back with the coffee at least to calm my stupid nerve down .

I waited for him and didn’t see him , I decided to stroll outside but not to check on him , I wanted to see if I could see that beauty I saw yesterday.

I couldn’t even find the limo there , maybe he went somewhere with it, I wanted to go in when I sitted the limo approaching, I waited for it and it parked .

Jerry stepped down and went round to open the other side, I was a bit surprised , who is in there with him .

A Lady stepped out and they both walked towards me while I inserted my finger into my trouser pocket waiting for jerry .

I was surprised, never seen jerry with an lady before , I looked on until I saw the ladies face clearly .

Wait isn’t that the lady from yesterday, Jerry saw me and was a bit surprised.

OK later then, he said to the lady and she left full of smiles while I looked on .

I looked at jerry who in turn returned my gaze .

Who is she ?

You mean Angle , she’s my new found friend, he replied.

Friend! I repeated and he shook his head .


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