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Young Billionaire – Episode 7

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Episode 7

The Romantic Prince
💕Young billionaire 🔞


Jerry went up to get whatever and I sat at the back of the car looking out .

I saw two ladies discussing happily , I think they’re part of the competitors.

One of em jumped up and her hair bun got loss making her hair fall on her , she stopped and started parking her hair and I saw her face clearly cos she faced the side I was to park her hair and damn she was really beautiful, I don’t usually drool on girls , I mean I have never done that in my life but I just found myself starring at her , she noticed and starred back , I wanted to look away from her but couldn’t I just kept starring, I just kept looking, I just kept on starring for God’s sake I didn’t know why , jerry entered shortly and the driver started the car .

I could still see her starring at my car through the wind glass , I looked at her reflection ignoring whatever jerry was saying until I couldn’t see her any more .

Ray I got the documents concerning your schedules from next month , Ray! Ray!! I called softly but he kept starring at the wind screen .

I was forced to look out and I saw who he was looking at .

What? A lady ? How in the world will Ray get lost looking at a lady ? I’ve been with him for years , we literally grow up together and he has never done this particular thing .

I saved the lady’s face in my memory , I know what I will do .

Yes ? He finally answered leaving me in bewilderment , so he heard me calling yet he ignored me to look at a lady .

Jerry I want a good bitch tonight, I mean a good one , you understand me right? He said and I smiled .

Is he indirectly telling me that he wants a virgin , yea I can get a virgin but the pay will be twice, f**king bitches is what calms him down on a daily base so I don’t hesitate in inviting bitches for him.

The driver arrived at his penthouse shortly and we came down .

I quickly ordered for bitch and dinner cos I know he’ll be f**king em soon .

I was astonished by Ray’s behaviour and I kept starring at the car leave wondering what was happening.

Best friend? Angel!!what is it ? Mirabel asked and I shrugged off what happened just now .

Em nothing just that the car is really beautiful, I answered and she gave me an uncanny look.

She knows better that I just lied .

She stood akimbo waiting for my real answers .

OK lemme ask you this first, you know Ray right? .

You mean Ray prince ? She asked .

Em yea does he stare at ladies a lot ?.

Huh he literally f**ks em daily , she replied and continued looking at me ,waiting for me to talk .

OK I should have known better , I thought to myself.

He was starring at me a while ago , he was sitting in that car , I said and she gasps .

Really?? Bu..but he doesn’t stare at girls I heard he just f**ks the living hell outta em , do you know that he did that to cherry ? She asked and I turned to look at her properly.

Yea rumours had it that she visited him yesterday but was carried out because she couldn’t make use of her legs anymore, she blurted more loudly and I gasps .

Like seriously? He did that to her ? .

Geez that’s terrible , I exclaimed.

No no that serves her right, she throw herself on him , I mean who couldn’t but seems like she over did it as the cherry she is , she added and I nodded and exhaled softly.

I walked out of the bathroom and saw a bitch laying on my couch without dress , she saw me and immediately stood up .

I thought I said I want a good bitch seems like jerry misunderstood me , this one looks insane , imagine laying on my couch without my permission.

I looked at her sternly and remembered the girl from earlier , she’s beautiful and looks clean unlike this one , I became irritated looking at her for an unknown I sent her back .

Jerry rushed in looking confused.

Is everything okay he asked and I nodded .

But..he was about to talk but I cut him in .

I just don’t feel like it anymore, I suddenly feel irritated and don’t ask me why cause I don’t know why either, I said and he looked on still having a confused look.


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