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Young Billionaire – Episode 6

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Episode 6

The romantic Prince
💕Young billionaire🔞

(Huh! What was that?)
I woke up with a severe headache the next morning, I had a lot to drink yesterday but that won’t stop me from getting myself ready to go watch the competitors.

I took my bath real quick , I had jerry order food for the both of us .

Yea we always eat together, you might be surprised but jerry is not just a guard to me , I consider him as my bro and friend tho he doesn’t know of it .

Lemme say he is the only person that has been there with me since the death of my parents, we both attended the same school, wherever I am you must surely see him there but he keeps his distance from me considering the fact that I pay him and deliver goods to his mother , well his a loyal and faithful friend .

We both eat silently until I spoke up .

What is the condition of my house? .

The maids are always doing their duty over there, he replied coolly.

I think I’m hitting the club tonight, wanna join? .

He shrugged his shoulders and spoke up .

It’s been long you did that , I’m in anyways , he said and I smirked.

There’s no way I’m leaving you here anyways. We were done and I left for the competition.

They lined up according to their numbers and I couldn’t find cherry among them .

Oh I think you aren’t complete yet , who is missing? The announcer asked and the competitors looked at each other .

I think it’s cherry ma’am, one of em spoke up .

The announcer looked at me and I gave her signal to continue .

Just as she was about to continue the bitch dragged her foot inside , she couldn’t walk properly.

The other competitors couldn’t contain their laughter as they laughed their asses out , the way they laughed made me wanna join but nah I won’t let them see me laugh cos I wasn’t sitting in the inner room today , I was sitting by a corner and everyone could see me .

Cherry frowned her face at them .

Why are you late cherry ? The announcer asked.

Don’t you see I got into an accident yesterday, she eyed angrily earning another round of laughter from them .

Oh sorry , is it car accident or sex accident? One of em asked and I couldn’t help it anymore I laughed forgetting other people aside from jerry are there.

The competitors laughed to the question and the announcer had to calm to surrounding .

But I was still laughing and all see were on me even cherry herself was looking at me , jerry had to touch me before I could stop , seriously the way she looked yesterday was horrible I couldn’t help it , I stopped laughing shortly after jerry touched me and the competition went on .

At the end 10 were selected and 15 were eliminated.

That’s it I stood up and walked out to where they parked my car with my guards behind me.

Gosh !today what happened seems like a miracle .

I joined up together with Mirabel as I laughed happily , I’m so happy Mira , I shouted holding her hands .

I jumped up again and this time , my hair bun got loss and my hair fell, I originally parked it but the bun fell off making my hair cover my face .

I stopped jumping and twisted my head side ways as I parked my hair , that was when I saw someone carefully looking at me.

I looked closely and realized oh my! that’s RAY ,but why is he looking at me like that ?

Or I’m I mistaking, I looked carefully, more closely this time and he was still starring at me, I starred back at him wondering why he was looking like that .

Shortly someone entered into the car and drove off , I starred at the car until it went out of view .

Huh what was that??.


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