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Young Billionaire – Episode 5

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Episode 5

The Romantic Prince
💕Young billionaire🔞

(What a bi.tch ?)
I pulled her away from my body, stood up and went to the bar side of my penthouse, I searched for vertigo and saw it .

I poured out large quantity into the glass cup I was holding and mixed it with vodka I was formally drinking, I felt her beside me .

What are you doing my prince ? She asked as she traced her hands on my abs .



I gave her the drink and asked her to take it , without wasting of time she took it and gulped down the drink in one shot .

What a bitch ?

Immediately the drink started reacting in her as she started acting crazy , yes that is what I want ; for her to go crazy cos I’m not taking it easy with her .

I slowly dragged her to bed side and asked her to pull off her clothes , she did without wasting of time.



I pulled off my brief , I just wanna get straight to point .

I inserted my already waiting c**k into her and she gasps , shit! I forgot to gag her .

I started pulling in and out of her with so much speed and aggressiveness, and she started mourning.

Shut up bitch! Keep quite will you ? I husked and she covered her mouth with her palm sweat already forming on her fore head .


I continued pulling in and out of her and she couldn’t take it anymore as she started pleading with me to stop.

I pulled out of her and looked for something, a cloth .

I gulped down a shot of vodka and walked to where she was laying.

I tied her mouth with the cloth and repositioned her into a different style .

I inserted my d**k into her for the second time and started my work .

I wasn’t getting tired , I took a lot of drink .

She was crying seriously and an idea popped into my head , lemme video this .

I pulled out of her and she wanted to crawl away but I held her leg firmly and positioned my phone in a way that will video everything.

I went back turned her to another position and continued my thing not after gulping down two shot of vodka .




Two hours passed and she stooped crying, I looked at her as I continued f**king her but she was still awake maybe cos of the shot I gave her.

I was even yet to cum .

I turned her into another style pulling her hair aggressively.

Next time bitch , learn to respect yourself, I huff .

She couldn’t even reply guess her straight has left her . I don’t think I’ll cum in this situation and I needed to .

I pulled outta her as she lay on the bed unable to move .



Jerry! Get me a bitch quick ! I” shrieked ”

The door flared open and a bitch walked in without clothes , I signalled for jerry to enter and he did .

I told him to get cherry away , she wasn’t even moving.

Hope she’s not dead but it’s not like I care anyways.

I told the new bitch to give me a blowjob to enable me cum and she took me into her small mouth, yea her mouth is too small for my c**k but she managed anyways.

I cumed within thirty minutes and became satisfied.

I walked briskly to the bathroom and did my thing before coming back to lay on the bed , the bes sheet has been changed already , I guess jerry did it .


Jerry and I has been together since I was ten , tho he is two years older than I am , he still respect me very well without asking questions.

I closed my eyes and remembered that ugly day again , I hate that day with passion, the day my parents left me for a trip abroad .

I quickly waved the thought off my mind and slept off.

Congratulations girl mia said and hugged me , sometimes she acts like my older sis .

Congrats baby ,my mom said .

Thanks but I didn’t win the competition tho ,I only managed to pass to the next stage , I pouted shyly .

Come on it’s the same thing you know , you’ll pass to the next stage and eventually win the competition honey , mom replied and looked at me full of joy .

What of me mom? Mirabel asked feigning sadness .

You’ll take the first position, mom said and everyone burst into laughter.

Angle let’s go prepare for tomorrow, Mirabel said and moved towards the kitchen while I followed her.

I pray for success tomorrow.


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