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Young Billionaire – Episode 4

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Episode 4

The Romantic Prince

💕Young billionaire🔞

I walked in with my guards into the avenue the competition will be taking place , and oh gosh I hate the way this bitches react.

I just ignored them anyways and went on into the inner room where I’ll be watching the whole thing from .

Immediately I sat down , the lady cherry rushed up to me , she’s always cooking on TV there’s how to got to know her name not that I care about her anyways.



Hi prince , she said excited
Hey, I replied looking into my phone , but surprisedly she collected the phone from me and sat on my lap making sure her hole touch my d**k , I was taken aback at first but waved it off, she’s a bitch anyways.

She started dancing a bit on me and everyone in the room , including my guards went out.

She stood up and sat back this time facing me , she wrapped her hands on my shoulder and starred at me romantically.

Prince , how about I give you what you want and you’ll make me the winner of this competition?. She said riding me a bit faster



I kept starring at her expressionless, I mean is that how she got known as a chef , a lot of people knows her and she has received a lot of awards so this was how she received them ?.

I smiled uncanny.


Why don’t you meet me after the competition? .

OK done , she replied and planted a soft kiss on my lips before walking seductively out of the room .

Oh what a bitch ??.



That cherry of a girl is a bitch , she can open up her pants to gain awards , Mirabel whispered into my ears .

Can’t you see she went in to seduce Prince Ray, such a bitch , she added .

I just nodded and looked at the direction of the room she went into , she was just coming out and she was also smiling ,seems like she achieved her aims after all .

Everyone take your positions , you’ll see different numbers inscribed on each table , pick out your numbers through the number tag on your neck and stay in your positions.

You guys are 50 in number, after today’s round , it’ll only remain 25 so put in your best okay ??.

You’ll taste the paste in your front and write out five ingredients used in making the paste .

Me: huh just that , I thought to myself

After thirty minutes you’ll have to post your answers , if you don’t post your answers on time , consider yourself out already .

Now begin!!.



I opened the plate in front of me and saw whitish paste

I tasted it and oh it was really sour

I kept on tasting it , it doesn’t seems to have a particular taste .

Time was running fast . it’s remaining just 15 minutes out of thirty minutes .

I tasted it again but didn’t get a specific taste .

8 minutes remaining, I was really nervous
Harder than I thought.

I closed my eyes tightly and remembered my mom’s teaching .



Time is up and 35 of you summited before the time , 8 didn’t summit, 7 summited but didn’t make it .

The following numbers should step out.
008 , 015 and so on .

Now remaining 35 of you .

We still need 10 of you out , after the break we’ll continue .



Best friend ,it took me a lot to answer that but I did anyways, Mirabel said running up and down .

What of you huh? She asked and I shook my head .

I managed to get through, i replied and smiled .

She held my hands jumping up for joy.

Minutes later we were called back and we were given a drink this time to list all the ingredients used in making it .

Luckily I know the drink by heart cos my mom is always making for us .

3 didn’t summit on time and 7 failed it leaving us 25.

That was how the days show ended.

I watched until the end of the competition and stood up to leave and saw the cherry bitch coming up to me .

I signalled to jerry to get her to the penthouse , she’s gonna beg me to stop and I won’t.

And I’ll make sure she won’t be able to walk to the competition tomorrow.

I got to the penthouse and took my bath put on my brief ,I opened a bottle of Vodka and poured it into a glass cup and sipped from it


I was still drinking it before she came in and immediately ran into my arms kissing me like a hungry lion but I’m gonna show her the stuff I’m made off.



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