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Young Billionaire – Episode 3

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Episode 3

The Romantic Prince

💕Young billionaire 🔞

I woke up the next morning feeling so refreshed and somewhat excited, maybe cos of the cooking competition I’m organizing , I look forward to who will become the winner tho .


I got to the sitting room of my penthouse and saw two bitches already waiting for me , they were already narked .

I don’t need much f**king maybe I’ll go for blow job this morning.

Hey come over here, I commanded one of em and she came running.

Kneel , and she knelt down and kept looking at me .


Wait do you need me to tell you the next thing to do ? Get to work already , I yelled and she removed my brief a bit and took my c**k in her hands stroking em repeatedly and it got erected, with that she dip my c**k into her mouth and started s**king me .

I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling, I’m naturally feeling happy today and this bitch has added to it .

Hey bitch ! I called and she raised her head to look at me .


Tell Jerry to pay you double understood? I asked and she nodded happily while the other one starred .

She swallowed my c**k more deeply giving me tickling feeling, she sucked for lemme say an hour and I could feel she got tired.

You there come over here ! I called to the other who ran towards us immediately.

Get out your service isn’t needed anymore, I said to the kneeling bitch and she left me and went out while the other one continued.

She sucked and sucked and it seems like I’m not gonna cum anytime , she hastened her pace , using my c**k to f*+k her mouth.



Seems like this one is more experienced, doing that , I felt my cum slowly building up and boom I released into her god damn mouth .

You also tell jerry to double yours , I said and walk sluggishly to the bath room where I had my bath .

I wore white long sleeve with crazy jeans and my glasses before stepping out of my penthouse.

Today I’m not really gonna work , just monitoring of the cooking competition.

Yea I’ll monitor it cos it’s means a lot to me, my late mom always wanted to do these so I’m gonna help her achieve her dead dreams

I parked my hair in a neat pony with my red fitted gown and mini heels before stepping out to greet mom and Jim and mia .

Hello mom good morning, I greeted and and she kissed my fore head .



Morning Jim , morning mia

Jim is my older brother , while mia is the last born of the house .

Morning lil sis heard you are a participant in RPC competition good luck , Jim said and kissed my cheeks .

Make us proud girl , mia added and I hugged her .

OK OK I’ll be heading us now , I announced.

Wait what of breakfast? Mom asked

No no mom ,I’m too nervous to take in anything, I replied

OK then have this bread , when you’re done you can eat it , mom offered and I collected the bread and kept it inside my bag.

Just then the door bell rang , guess its Mirabel at the door .

Mom I gotta go, your blessing mom? I asked.



You have my blessing anytime dear , mom said.

And mine too mia added making me chuckle.

I went out to see Mira waiting for me, good morning best friend, I greeted

Save your greetings, we are running late , she replied and dragged me to a waiting cab in which we both boarded.

Soon we were there.

RPC the most talked about company.

Wow its so big Mira , I exclaimed and she nodded .

The competition is over there , she pointed and dragged me with her .

I could see different people our age , roaming about the big hall provided for the competition , we entered collected our number tag and hung it across our neck .

Suddenly everyone started gasping , they were looking towards a direction .

I looked and saw her , the sassy queen , cherry the queen of food , oh gosh why is she here ? She walked in with two body guards and walked pass us.



Everywhere became noisy again , people started taking pictures and some girls were even feigning fainting, we looked and saw what caused the commotion and oh it was my gosh RAY PRINCE .

He walked in with different guards and didn’t even smile but looked real handsome as people took pictured of him.

This is the very first time I’m seeing him in person , he looks really handsome but my bro Jim still beat him to it .

He walked pass and entered another room there .

Soon the microphone echoed.

Everyone get ready the competition is starting in few minutes.






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