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Young Billionaire – Episode 2

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Episode 2
The Romantic Prince

💕Young billionaire🔞

💎 RAY 💎
I dressed up in my tuxedo gray suit and head out where my guards were already waiting for me .

Jerry opened the already waiting Benz for me and I entered.

Soon we got to white house, the door of the car was opened for me and I stepped out straight to the waiting room of the president.

I got there and saw other government officials and billionaire’s , I smiled and took my sit near Mr.president , it’s not really a meeting but dinner that the president arranged for the high class men .

Few hours later

We were done and I stepped out of the meeting room only to see the president’s secretary wink at me, I chuckled and whispered to jerry to bring her to my penthouse and entered the car.

Sitting in my penthouse with a bottle of whiskey , jerry entered with the president secretary and she immediately ran to me and hugged me .

Huh what a bitch ? She dares hug me?.

Strip ! I said coolly still sipping from my glass of whiskey and she did without wasting of time.

She sat on my lap rubbing my chest and tracing my abs , I was only on brief and nothing more.

She sat properly on my c**k and started riding me while I just watched her , she seems interesting tho .

Soon my c**k became erected and was looking for a p***y to get in to , she noticed it and quickly removed my brief and inserted my d**k into her p***y, swears I love the way she did it , she seems like a pro.

A mourn escaped my mouth as she started riding me real fast , she held onto my shoulder as she did and increased her pace .

I closed my eyes lightly enjoying it real well , minutes turned into an hour and she was getting tired, her cum built up as she released and wanted to leave but I aren’t yet close to satisfaction, I turned her back and laid her on the couch.

Grabbed her hair forcefully and started f**king her , she started screaming minutes later begging me to stop but I aren’t ready for that cos she aroused me and she is supposed to take responsibility.

I increased my pace and f**ked her real hard , now getting to two hours and my cum was yet to build up , I noticed she stopped screaming and checked her and damn she has fainted .

Jerry! Jerry !! Call in a bitch immediately, I “shrieked”.

Jerry entered with a lady , she was already narked and fear overwhelmed her when she saw the president secretary narked and unconscious on the floor .

I told jerry to take the president secretary away and he did.

Bend over ! I commanded while sipping from my glass and she did.

I noticed she was shaking and what the hell?.

What is it? I asked her getting annoyed, I mean why is she afraid? Isn’t she a slut anymore?.

Nevertheless I inserted my d**k into the bent waist and started f**king her , she screamed in pleasure and pains cos I noticed she was a bit tight down there.

I pulled her hair backward as I f**ked her , and she was mourning real loud .

Shut up slut ! I don’t want to hear your screams , understood?? I yelled and she nodded .

I changed different styles and and felt my cum building up , and she fainted !.

Stupid bitch ! Just when I wanted to release , you fainted.

That won’t stop me either, I continued f**king her until I finally released , I poured my precious cum all over her body and fell back on the couch.

I rested for a while before calling jerry to come pick her , I got into the bathroom and cleaned myself properly before going to bed , tomorrow is gonna be a greater day .

💕Angel 💕
I woke up real tired , I had to stay up late to cook for the competition tomorrow.

I love cooking a lot and I want to be the number chef in the world ,,my mom is a great cook and I learned skills from her.

Apart from that I also went to a cooking school and now RPC is organizing a cooking competition to choose the best cook ,the best will take charge of all their restaurant and hotels cooking, monitoring them properly and there is also a prize tag of 1billon naira.

I won’t ever miss this opportunity for anything in the world and I also wanna make my mama proud and my father happy from where he is.

With so much anticipation, I got into the bathroom to have my bath .


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