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Young Billionaire – Episode 10

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Episode 10

The romantic Prince

💕Young billionaire🔞


OK can I come pick you up probably at your house ? Jerry asked.

Em yea yea come pick me up at 7 , I replied hiding my happiness.

OK then ..
The call ended and I smiled unruly.

Mira showed up behind me .

Hey who was that ? She asked suspiciously.

Mm guess who , I said and winked at her then she cracked up a little.

Don’t tell me it’s that new guy , she asked folding her arms .

Oh yea it is , I replied and pulled her arm .
Let’s get going now , I need to rest and look good he is picking up by 7, oh I forgot lemme send him my house address.

I brought out my phone and typed my location on it before sending it to jerry , Mira was just starring at me .


Are you sure bout this? .

Do I need to be sure ? Please ! What did you get outta him? .

Em he is RAY PRINCE right hand man or should I say friend , people call him a lot of things , some even said they are brothers considering their closeness , but I don’t really know his true identity so you need to be careful girlfriend, Mira narrated.

Hmm this seems weird just yesterday I caught RAY staring at me and today it’s his friend or what.

Yea more reasons you should be careful, Mira replied .

Or should I go with you?she added and I farrowed my brows .

Really ? I’m now a kid huh !.

No need to be upset I’m just worried bout you , she said coolly.

OK whatever, I replied and we boarded a cab home.

Hours later .

My alarm rang waking me up from my sweet and anxious sleep , I had set it to wake me up by 5pm and it did .

I showered and ate a little and started looking for what to wear .

Em I think mia could help me with the selection, that girl is a fashion freak such at young age .

Baby! Baby!! I “yelled” and she rushed into my room .

What’s up sis.. going somewhere?.

Yea I’m meeting up a friend and I’m confused at what I should wear , I said scratching my hair .

A friend ? Or boyfriend? She asked eyeing me .

Are you serious baby? Yea it’s a male friend but not a boyfriend okay ? I said and sat to apply some makeup.

OK OK, she replied and started scattering my wardrobe .

Oh I think this will do , she announced and I turned to look at her holding up a red armless gown.

Geez baby I’m not going for a party okay just to meet a friend , I complained and continued my makeup.

Well I’ve chosen the dress and you’re gonna wear it no matter what , at least to pay off my effort , mia said and I scoffed .

She’s just ten for crying out loud , she acts so matured .

Lemme fish out a shoe for you , she said and I stopped her before she could continue.

Don’t !I’m putting on snickers.

What?? Snickers with a red armless gown? Are you my sister or an alien ? She fired and I just stared at her .

That’s why I’m not ready to wear heels , look for a jean trouser and nice top for me , I aren’t putting on heels baby , I finally let out and she scoffed.

You no you need to pay me for this sis , she groaned and picked out white crazy jeans and pick top .

Yea that’s better , I said and made to peck her fore head but she pushed me away and left .

Don’t worry I’m gonna get you ice cream on my way back , I yelled after her.

You better add pepperoni to it , she yelled back and I smiled .

I was done with my makeup, its not too heavy or light, just normal makeup.

I worn the dress and my white snickers , I looked at the time and it was 6:56 pm .

I rushed out to see him coming down from a black jeep .

You came early , I said and smiled.

And you came late , he replied returning the smile .

So where are we heading to? I asked . hotel , he replied and I almost shouted .

A hotel?

Yea a hotel but it’s actually a penthouse , he said with grin .

What were you thinking? He asked choking with laughter and I became embarrassed.

Oh God I hope this goes well , I thought and entered the already opened car.


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