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Young Billionaire – Episode 1

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Episode 1

The Romantic Prince

💕Young Billionaire 🔞



💕RAY 💕
Get out bitch ! I yelled irritated .

How can she call herself a bitch and can’t even last for 30 minutes? What type of bitch is she? .

Jeremy! Jeremy!! Call in a bitch here now!!! I “shrieked “.

The door flared open and a bitch staked narked walk in her boobs dancing to the sound of voiceless music .

She got to where I was and I commanded her to bend over .

She did and I grabbed her hair as I removed my briefs and inserted my d**k into her a** and f**ked her as if my life depends on it .

She groaned and screamed in pleasure and I slapped her butt and commanded her to shut her mouth.

She covered her mouth with hands but the mourn kept coming out and damn it I hate hearing those foolish mourn so much.

I’m gonna punish her for disobeying me , I mean no one does that .

I commanded her to lie on the couch beside us and she did .

Her face was facing up as I moved towards her and inserted my four fingers into her p***y.

I laid on her sucked her boobs real well as I finger f**ked her real fast .

Ssh shut up bitch! I husked and kept finger f**king her .

She folded her mouth in order not to mourn, I could see sweat forming on her fore head as she tried real hard to suppress her mourns .

I stopped and inserted my d**k into her p***y and f**ked her , this time increasing my pace by triple .

She screamed unable to contain it anymore and cummed Immediately .

Shit! F**k you bitch ! .

I stood up from her and commanded her to leave .

Leave bitch! .

She stood up and staggered outside .

Jeremy! Bring in another slut …

A blonde haired bitch entered narked .

Her boobs were firm , seems like she’s still a newbie .

Hey what’s your name ?.

My name is Pat sir , she replied and I nodded before commanding her to lie on the bed there .

She walked towards the bed and lay down .

I took a bottle of alcohol and poured it into a glass cup there.

I gulped it down and dropped the glass cup before walking towards the bed.

I got to where she was and told her to turn over .

She did and I inserted a finger into her p***y and she’s damn tight.

I’ll need you to make me feel high if you know what I mean, I said and she knelt down in front of me and took my c**k in her mouth as she sucked em.

Maybe she’s trained in c**k sucking cause she’s damn good in it.

I closed my eyes as I enjoyed every bit of what she’s doing after about 15 minutes I could feel my cum building .

Oh gosh it feels really good , my cum rushed out into her mouth and she swallowed it with pleasure .

I’m not a normal guy ever since that incident happened to me , if I don’t f**k up to three or four to five ladies I won’t ever be satisfied.

It’s been four hours since I’ve been with this bitches and It’s just now that I’m Cumming .

I laid on the bed for a while before heading to the bathroom to take my bath and freshen up for the meeting with the president .

Oh least I forget I’m the youngest billionaire you could ever come across with, I mean I worked my ass off to gain all this wealth ever since my parents dismay .

I was very little when they left me to this world and I took up my father’s business changing it totally to the new empire it is .

I’m Ray prince , I hate ladies a lot and that Is the very reason I f**k them till they loss consciousness or unable to walk while I let some go without touching them .

But I promise that you’ll loss consciousness or become temporarily crippled once my c**k touches you.

Enough of that you’ll learn more about me later but now I need to get to the meeting .


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