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Virgin Prostitute — Episode 1

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Virgin Prostitute
( The crazy slut is a virgin? )


Every one knows what a prostitute do. You sleep with men, get your cash and walk out. No strings attached.

Gosh! What if I say am a prostitute and still a virgin. Unbelievable right? Well you gonna find out soon.

My name is Katherine Adam, a twenty four years old lady. A Nigerian Lady. A lady with dreams. I never wish to find myself here in Russia and end up been a prostitute.

My sister. Blood sister made me believe her lies about being a manager in a company and would love if I join her in Russia.

I felt so happy but didn’t know I was digging my grave. The so called manager is a prostitute.

She lured me to join her, threatening me. I decided to put on a smart face and gave in.

One secret she doesn’t, I don’t sleep with men but I made sure I make money that day.

Do you know what I use on men? Gonna find that too.

My life has been like this until I met someone. He’s cold, arrogant and over possessive.

His name Eric Darwin. The sex freak. The guy who wanted me at all cost. And I ended up falling for him.

Will I ever think if losing my dignity cause of him?

Did he even love me back?

Should I revenge on my sister for tricking me into the mess?

A lot of questions are crossing my mind right, but there’s always and answer to it.

This is how my life goes.


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