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The Prince Mistress — Episode 2

The Prince Mistress
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( Stuck between two prince )



I groan as I slowly open my eyes and my head hurts like h£-ll.

My hands are tied including my legs and I turn to my other side to see a girl with her head against the wall.

Where is this?

What am I doing here?

Those guys! Where the have they brought me?

The girl beside me raise her head and smile at me.

“You are finally awake.”

She groans, trying to sit up with her hands tied and I look around to see we’re not the only one here.
There are lots of people here all tied too, just like me.

“You’ve been sleeping for the past two days.”

What? Two days?

How could I have slept off for two days?

That’s impossible. I barely even sleep for four hours.

“You must be wondering where this place is. Well, welcome to h£-ll”

She grins and I scrunch my nose together.

I don’t think she’s alright. H£ll?

I look down at her clothes and they are tattered. Her hair disorganized and her eyes are puffy, dark circles under them.

She looks like hell.

“Yea, I know. You must think I’m insane but I’m not lying though, you’re never getting out of here.”

She shrugs and my eyes widens even more.

Is she kidding me right now?

How about mother? She would have been so worried about me. Two days?

How could I have slept off for two day?

Two whole days!

“No, I have to get out.”

My voice comes out as a croak and the fire hurts down my throat. I feel so thirsty.

“You won’t be able to. If you’re lucky, the next buyer might choose you but if you aren’t, you’re staying here till another comes.”

She says and I stare blankly at her, causing her to chuckle.

“You must not understand what I’m saying. You see here, we’re sold off as slaves. We never return back home…”

She proceeded “…A buyer comes every two months and if you’re lucky to be chosen, your journey continues there and if you aren’t chosen like me. You’re staying here for the rest of your life.”

She shrugs and fear surges through me.

Sell? Kidnapping?

“How could they just sell us off like that and don’t the buyers know people are been kidnapped?”

I raise my brows and she chuckles.

“The kidnappers cares less. All they want is slaves that will help them with their work so they pay those guys.”

“How long have you been here?”

I finally decide to ask her.

She seems like she has been here for so long.

“Two years.”


“Been stuck here for two years with no buyer wanting me.”

she gives me a sad smile.

“This isn’t acceptable. The buyers need to…”

I start to shout but she glared at me to shut up and I look around to see everyone looking at me.

“This isn’t a child play okay. If you say anything stupid, you’ll be kill right there and right now…”

“No one would do anything about it, at least if you’re bought. You still have a slim chance to see your family but if you act stupid and get killed…”

That’s it so I suggest you keep your voice down and cooperate…”

She says and I nod my head.

Mother. Mother, what do I do?

She will be so worried about me. She would have looked for me everywhere.

How do I get out of here.

I need to go back to mother. I can’t leave her all alone.

It will break her.

The door opens and I recognize the guy that came in as one of the guys that kidnapped me.

I want to shout and yell at him but I remember the girl’s advice.

I turn to look away and sigh. How exactly do I escape from here?

“The new buyer is here. Act nice and be polite so you might get chosen.”

The girl beside me says and I shake my head.

I don’t want to get chosen to any body!

I just want to see my mother.

“As you can see your highness. They are all fit so please make your choice.”

I heard the voice says and I just close my eyes and lay my head against the wall.


I hear ruffling sounds but I care less at the moment.

“Her, her and…”


The voice sound close to me but I just keep my eyes closed.

Someone nudged me and I open my eyes to turn to the girl beside me who nods her head towards something.

I raise my brows before turning to my front and the guy who kidnapped me is staring at me.


I’ve been bought?

to be continue.

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