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The Prince Mistress — Episode 12

The Prince Mistress
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( Stuck Between Two Princes )



“What was that?”

I mouth as I watch the guards run around, some whistling and the maids are also running around also.


I turn my head to the side and Carly is running towards me, breathing heavily.

“I have searched almost the whole palace to you. Why were you so late? Common, we are needed at for hall.”

She says, dragging me along and I look back at the girl who I’m yet to know her name.

She nods at me and we both start moving together with Carly.

“What was that? Why was there so much guards and running around? Is something happening?”

I turn around to see them still running around again while we make our way inside the fall.

“No. Not that something is happening. Someone is coming, just be the prince.”

She grins and we all enter the hall.

“Another prince? I thought the prince was the one you bumped into earlier, Alexa?”

Carly says and I nod.

Yeah, that’s the prince but I also remembered the man that brought us here saying that that prince is the second prince of the palace which means that there’s a first prince.

“Yeah, there are actually two princes in the palace. The other one, the youngest is the one you guys just be talking about. The older one, prince Aidan is the one that’s just arriving and I must warn you guys, you guys should be careful around him cause you might lose yourself.”

She grins and we all take a seat. Carly seating next to me and her seating across from us.
“Lose ourselves as how? I don’t understand. Why would we lose anything?”

I utter, shaking my head and she just shrugs.

“I don’t know but many maids had lost themselves because of the prince. He’s hot! Like really hot. Literally hot and he has many woman bowing at his feet but mind I tell you that he’s very rude and grumpy so you must careful around him or you might find yourself been executed from the palace and by that, I mean you been thrown into the dungeon or been killed.”

She says and my heart beats faster against my chest.
I guess that prince is sure as hell that dangerous.
I just have to stay away from him.. At all costs. That is if I even recognize him but I’m sure I will, sooner or I will see him.

“Okay, I’m sure you’re all here. Now if you will all turn your attention towards here and stop the murmuring please.”

A voice says and we all turn forward for me to see the woman that told me to go find something else to do when I was done cleaning earlier.

“Okay, so I have come to notice that some of you especially the new ones are been confused about which station they would be and by station, I mean the job you would be doing throughout your entire stay at the palace. That’s if you have it….”

He eyes meets with mine brteftly and I quickly look away from the intensity of her gaze.

“As we all know. Prince Aidan is back which means some rules might be changed so I will like of you could all form a line so I would choose each and every one of you to each station each would be.”

Everyone starts moving up and we all start forming a lime.

I breathe out as I pray heavily that don’t get positioned with cleaning neither of the princes room especially the one that had just arrived.

After everything that I have been told about him.
I don’t think I will be able to avoid trouble if I ever get entangled with him.

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