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The Prince Mistress — Episode 13

The Prince Mistress
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( Stuck Between Two Princes )




“Okay then, this group will be dealing with taking care of the palace meals. And when I mean that, the morning, afternoon and dinner for the king and the queen including the two princes. Palaces guards and official when they are around. No complaint shall be brought for you or you shall be declared unworthy of been here and you shall be hang instantly, with no one to stop what’s gonna happen after so to avoid this I hope that you do your job diligently.

You can go to the kitchen and meet with other maids here, you shall be directed on what to do and when to deliver the meals. ”

She says to some girls and I’m glad that I’m not amongst them. The way she’s saying that, it seen like the job is really important and requires much patience. It sounds risky and I don’t want to get to the bad side of anyone here.

I still hope that I would be able to get out of here sooner or later.

I wonder how mother is doing now.

How would she be handling those jobs alone to feed herself? She must be so worried about me and I pray that she doesn’t try to starve herself because I’m missing.

There will be nothing to return to if she isn’t there in the first place.


“Hello! Are you even listening to what we are saying now? ”

I jump at the loudness of the voice and when I finally snap out of my thoughts, all eyes are on me and Carly is staring at me with an expression I can’t read while the woman looks so angry like she’s ready to pound on me.


“If you aren’t listening to what’s happening here then I wouldn’t resist to report you to the king and have you punished. Your mind should always be here and what job you shall be doing. Every one of you! ”

She scolds and I nod slowly, staring down at my feet to see that I’m the only one that’s still standing next over her. The others are already grouped into five or six.


“Okay, like I have been saying before the interruption earlier. You lot shall be the one to take care of the princes room. ”

What the hell? No! No, this can’t be possible! I don’t wanna take care of the princes. No! This is exactly what I’m trying to prevent in the first place!


“You shall be going there every morning to tidy up the room and if any of you try to act smart, you all know the penalty. Now, I’m going to group you further into which prince you shall be taking care of. We have two princes obviously and you all cannot be taking care of their rooms and their orders simultaneously so I will croup you further. ”

She says and I nod, going to stand before the others and praying that I don’t get placed with the new prince that has just arrived.


I know that I haven’t meet this new prince but I’m not in a eager to and I don’t even want to. After everything that I’ve heard about him from that girl and this woman here, I’m convinced that he’s someone that would be really strict and I wouldn’t want to get into his bad side. It would be all for the better if I never cross paths with him cause I have a feeling that there would’ve no way to avoid trouble if I do.


“Alright. So these two shall be the one taking care of the young prince room. ”

She points to Carly and I gulp in as I pray she points to me also.


to be continue…

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