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The Prince Mistress — Episode 4

The Prince Mistress
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(  Stuckbetween two prince )


Episode 04.

I breathe out as I stare at the girl who is also staring at me, probably to see my reaction.


She says that I have two choices.

Either to act foolish and throw a fist while we are in there and get killed. Or I can act smart and keep my life with me till I find the chance to escape and I can go back to my mother.


I go with option two.

I will survive in here. Whatever it takes, I will.

I will stay alive for my mother and one day… Just one day, I have a believe that I would be able to see her again.

We would meet again and I won’t ever be separated from her.

I just hope that she holds on till I get myself out of this mess.


“Okay. I will be careful. ”

I mutter and she smiles at me nodding.


“I never got your name earlier. ”

She says and I smile before staring at my wrist then raising my head up to look at her again.


“I’m Alexandra. ”

I smile at her and she nods before moving closer to my frame.


“You look really young to be above twenty. How old are you? ”

She asks and I breathe out.

Yeah, I look really young to be in this kind of situation probably.


“I’m nineteen. ”

I tell her and she moves back a little with her mouth agape.

She isn’t saying anything and minutes passes before she closes her mouth and nod her head.


“You’re quite young. Really young, you shouldn’t be in this kind of situation. What happened to you?

How were you kidnapped? In your way to your dorms? ”

She says and I chuckle, shaking my head.

I don’t have any dorm to go to.


“I’m not. I don’t go to college. ”

I breathe out. It’s one of the things that hurts me whenever I say it.

It’s always been a dream of mine to finish college and maybe graduate as a publisher or something.

I love writing a lot and I love reading also but obviously, that dream isn’t gonna exist anymore.


“What? But why, you’re old enough to be in college. ”

She says with her eyes wide.

Now that I take a good look at her. She looks quite older than me and she’s really beautiful too if I look past the dirt all over her face and the tattered clothes that she’s putting on.


“I had some home situation. I couldn’t go. ”

And it hurts me every time I think about it but I’ve come to accept it as my fate until this.


“I’m so sorry about that. ”

She says and I smile before nodding.


“What’s your name? ”

I turn to her and she stares down at her hands before looking back at me. A action that I did earlier.


“Um.. I’m Carly and I’m twenty three in case you’re wondering. ”

She smiles. I’m right, she’s way older than me. Four years.


“I got kidnapped when I was returning from my boyfriend’s home.

I was supposed to stay with him but we had a fight and being the stubborn head that I was and still am.. ”

I chuckle at her words. “I left his hone at midnight, wandering the street alone by myself.

He tried to stop me. To get me to stay for at least the night but I wasn’t joking when I said I’m stubborn.

I didn’t listen and cussed him out to leave me alone.

That was how I was kidnapped. ”

She says. She did said she was kidnapped two years ago.

Does that mean she was twenty three two years ago and now she’s twenty five?


“I was twenty one two years ago but now I’m twenty three. ”

She says and I look at him with my mouth open, clearly surprised.

How did she..?


Answering my thoughts again, she said “I know what you were thinking. It’s normal for you to think like that. ”

She says and I nod, the exact same time the car comes to a halt.


“Do you know Alexa? ”

She suddenly says and I turn to her as the door is open and we are asked to move out.


“I think I’m gonna be your older sister and look after you.

I promise you that I would made sure you get to your mother. No matter what. ”

I smile at her before we move out and a gasp slides through my throat as I stare at the palace.


My new home.

My new home as a slave.

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