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The Prince Mistress — Episode 5

The Prince Mistress
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( Stuck between two prince )


I stare at the palace before turning to carly who looks just as surprised as I am.

It’s big. Like really big. I’m not talking of just big, like really bug.

I turn back and we are quite far from the gate, we mustn’t have noticed when we entered cause we were at the back of the car.

There’s a road path that leads straight to where we just stopped now and there are maids moving around the compound.

All dressed in white and blue.

I stare back and there’s a gate on front of us.

I think that coming is different from the main palace.

I think we are just headed towards the main palace.

Murmurings erupts admist us and the guard shouts for us to keep quiet.

I don’t blame them if they think that they should gasp and scream.

I mean who wouldn’t scream at this kind if place?

It looks like the president house joined five times all together

I didn’t know kings are this rich.

The gate is open for us and Carly smiles at me before we walk inside, maintaining a straight long queue.

I didn’t know we are this much either until I noticed that some are also arriving in another car.

I look around the building that we entered and everywhere is glistening.

The cool scent of flowers hits me and I can see some women in white all through watering the flowers while some try to keep it in good shape.

We pass through some places and there is even a swimming pool in here.

Modern kings are surely different from ancient kinds.

This is heavens.

We stall inside till we arrive at the front of a building and enchantia is boldly written over it in capital letters, shining so bright.

I take in a deep breath before the door is open and we walk through.

The walls are painted in white and there are guards situated at every corner with the maids working while some walks around.

This place is so busy and heavily guards.

Even if I had wanted to escape, there’s no way in hell I could have escaped out of this place.

We continued walking till another door is open and we walk inside.

Chairs are lay across the room.

Not chairs likely but more like tables and there are something like pillows on the floor laid before the tables.

Glides takes.

It must be where the other officers of the palace sits at.

I couldn’t see that’s ahead cause our chews are already blocked because of those walking ahead of us.

We finally stop walking and we are ask to spread across, each taking a line and like that, we would all be able to see what’s going on.

Carly is to my right and a girl with Bob hair to my left.

I raise my head and on the pavement, on their thrones are the queen and the king.

The queen is really beautiful, wearing a long white gown thar is stoned with diamonds and looks like royalty.

I bow my head immediately she almost caught ne staring at her.

Carly told me she’s a sensitive woman and I shouldn’t be getting into trouble with her.

“These are the ones we could get, your royal highness. ”

The man says and we all bow.

“Kneel down before your king! ”

A voice shout and I secretly roll my eyes before we all go down in our knees.

“I don’t think we need every one of them. Let’s just pick the ones we want and the others to be thrown into dungeon till we need them. ”

Wait! What?!


I gulp in as my heart start beating fast against my chest.

What if I don’t get chosen?

Oh god . Will I be thrown into the dungeon then?

Carly looks towards me, trying to assure me that everything would be alright but I don’t think so.

What’s if I find her chosen?

“You heard her so go before your king and your queen to get their approval.

Once you get to touch their leg and it’s moves away.

You’re not of use to us at the moment and you shall be thrown into the dungeon. ”

Oh god.

Oh god, please.

They all start moving towards them and some gets chosen while other few were not.

It’s finally Carly time and she smiles at me before moving forward.

After her it’s me. Oh god, I’m so scared.

She bent and touch the King’s leg. Accepted.

She stops for a moment before bending to touch the queen leg. Accepted.

I smile as I watch her join the queue of those that are chosen.

I breathe out before stepping forward.

I bow down and gulp in before nodding and touching the King’s leg.

I smile as he doesn’t remove it.


I move to the other side and look up at the queen who’s staring keenly at me.

I move my gaze away immediately and I bring my hand to touch her leg but it’s moved away from me.

Oh god.

To be continue….

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