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The Prince Mistress — Episode 9

The Prince Mistress
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(Stuck between two prince )



I freeze. Like I practically freeze. I don’t know why I did cause I wasn’t doing anything bad in here except for the fact that I’m sitting in the bed which I don’t think the owner of the room will really appreciate but apart from that face, I’m doing nothing wrong here but yet, I can feel the thumping of my heart against my chest like a kid that has just been caught stealing candy.

I gulp in hardly once it twice before closing my eyes and breathing out, turning back slowly as my mouth almost hangs open. Almost.
It’s the guy.
The same guy I saw earlier. The one the man called the second prince.
He’s in a different clothing this time and with the way he’s looking, you could wacky tell this time that he’s a prince.
His long wear is more like a clock with his pants and leather shoes which are designed in a royally manner, I suppose.

“What are you doing here?”

He says in a more clamber tine, probably because he has seen that I’m the same girl that collided into him earlier.

I bow to him as he walks in and keep my head now, staring at my feet.
I’m used to being anyways so it isn’t the problem but the fact that I had to add his highness, your majesty or my lady even my prince are the things that I’m not very used to and it’s gonna take some time before I could be able to get used to them.

“I was cleaning the room.”

“By sitting on the bed?”

He scoffs. I don’t know if he means that in a playful manner of in a serious tine.

I can’t see his expression so I definitely don’t know what to say except to keep my head bowed them, shifting from one feet to another and gripping rightly to the mopping stick which I’m holding.

“Oh please don’t act like that. You can raise your head. I’m not gonna bite you.”

He laughs and I’m really surprised as I raise my head and a smile is plastered across his face.
Aren’t princes normally supposed to be rude and always been arrogant to other?
I don’t know much about them anyways.

“What’s your name, I didn’t caught it earlier.”

He mutters and begin taking slow steps towards me while I move backwards, away from the bed and move near the far end while he chuckles and sit on the bed, removing the small cross necklace that’s inscribed with a name I can’t clearly see and placing it in the bedstand.

“My name is Alexandra.”

I mutter and he looks up at me with his raised brows.
I gulp in and clear my throat before saying the other word.
“Your highness.”

“Where did you come from and why are you here?”

Okay, I wasn’t definitely expecting that question and I don’t think I’m ready to provide answers to it either.
Stay low.

Carly has taught me so I wouldn’t do anything or say anything… For now.

“I.. I…”

I mumbles and stop, what follows is silence and I’m getting uncomfortable.

I should just do my job anyways and leave the room.

“Have I not seen you before? You look really familiar to me and I can’t place where I’ve seen that face.”

He sighs and I shake my head immediately.

I didn’t even know that palaces exists until I am brought here so where could I have possibly seen a prince from?

“Not at all… Your highness.”

I mutter and finally raise my head to see him staring at me.

Now that I look closely, he’s really handsome with his blonde hair and his blue eyes.

I take my gaze away from him and stare at my feet again.

“Okay. You can continue your job now. I won’t disturb you.”

He says and I nod before grabbing the things I need for cleaning and walking into the room I presumed is the bathroom first and it’s really the bathroom.

Wow, it’s really beautiful and quite big also.

There’s literally a mini swimming pool inside of here. Wow, I can’t believe it.

I smile and run my hand over the deck of the swimming pool.

Swimming is one of the things that I love doing. A lot.
Getting in the water cools me down and it makes me feel really relaxed also though I barely have swim since the last time father died.

I didn’t have enough money to go to the pool and I don’t leave in a house where there’s one either.

The door suddenly opens and I turn back quickly as my eyes catch with the prince coming in… Shirtless!

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