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The Prince Mistress — Episode 8

The Prince Mistress
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( Stuck between two prince )



We have already finished the food and I can finally say that my body is relaxed.
I have finally eaten something in the last few days.. Though it isn’t much but it’s enough for me.
And it’s ready tasty also.
Maybe this place isn’t bad like I had exactly thought but I still wanted to go to my mother and I want to go home also.
I guess I will have to stay here and endure for some time though before I would be able to go back home like Carly has said.

“Are you okay now? “
Carl asks as she turns to me after finishing her plate and turning before taking her head.
“I thought something was happening to you earlier like you were having a panic or something then I remembered that guy have not given you food since the last time you had been kidnapped. “
She smiles at me and I nod before staring down at my place of food which is devoted within just five minutes.

I had remember everyone’s face when i has tossed the plate to the the front in actual few minutes. Yeah, I’m actually much hungrier than obviously thought.

“We should probably go now and start working.”
Carl says and I nod as we both get up from the seat and grab out plates, walking out of the hall but not before dropping the plate on the desk where it seems like everyone else has been dropping it.

“Where are you going?”

A guard asks as he drops a spear in front of us.
Wow, I never thought that these things actually existed.
I thought it was only used in movies and novels like that.
Hell, I didn’t even know that palaces exists.

“We are the new servant and we are going to start working.”

Carl says and the guards stares between the two of us like he’s observing us or something.
Yeah, I’m sure we must definitely look like servants right now.

“I’m sorry but you can’t leave here. You’re supposed to leave in groups please.”

He says and Carl sigh before turning back to me.
I nod and we both turn hack, walking to the same table that we had stood up from and sitting down waiting for whoever it is that’s gonna lead us and direct us on what to do and what not to.


Minutes late and they finally finish eating. Every single one of us.

The same old woman that brought us here to have food earlier appears again and I turn to gaze to her.
She seems like she’s the head of the maids or something.

I’ve been watching her and she’s always directing the others.

“Okay. Time to move to work guys come on let’s go.”

She smiles at me and we all get up, the guard lets us pass this time without even having to say anything and I made sure I stay beside Carl the entire journey back to the section that leads to the palace.

We stop at a room and we are ask to grab equipments we would need in cleaning.

Well, this is like the most resist job ever.

I’ve already grown so used to cleaning already so much there’s should be no difference now.


We are distributed into different parts of the palace and I grab my cleaning equipment and enter the room that I’ve been directed to.

A gasp slides through my throat as I stare around the room.. I wonder who owns it though.

It’s so beautifuk though it doesn’t look like a girls room.
It’s more like a guy type.

I smile as I sit down on the bed and run my fingers over the sheet.

Everywhere here is already clean, I don’t think that’s even any need in having to clean this place.
The one who owns the room must really hate dirty.

“What do to think you’re doing right now?”

I practically freeze.

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