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The Prince Mistress — Episode 7

The Prince Mistress
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( Stuck between two prince )



I raise my head up and he’s staring at me.
He’s putting on a jacket and pants with a white shirt in and he has bangles in his wrisrs
He has his hands behind his back and I just stare at him.
Who is he? He looks like he’s someone with a high position in the palace.
I wonder who he is.

“Prince Charles I’m very sorry for the disturbance, I didn’t mean to. please forgive your servant. “
The man who brought us here says, staring at me while I just stare at the guy in front of me.
Why is he sharing at me like that?

“Bow to him, he’s the second prince of this great palace. “
Second prince? Does that mean there’s an first prince?
I look at him one more time before taking my gaze away from him and bowing my head down to him.

“I’m very sorry. I didn’t watch where I was going. “
I mumble under my breath. My throat hurts so much.
I haven’t had even water in the last few days.

I raise my head up and he smiles at me while the man directs me to go back to the queue.
I’m so hungry.
I feel like I would die very soon if I don’t eat.

“Who are they”
I hear the prince asks as I move say to join the other again and Carly smiles at me before holding my cuffed hands to herself and I turn back, smile at her before turning to the front again.

I feel a pair of eyes on me when I turn to look, the prince is staring at me.. I look away instantly and stare at my feet like just the most interesting thing to do.

“Okay. “
Is what I heard last before the man walks to us and we start moving back while the prince eyes remains on me.
I quickly walk out if the palace and I sigh as I breathe in fresh air.

A group of bands pass by carrying foods and meats and my mouth waters as I lick my lips and my stomach grumbles. Oh god.
That looks so enticing. They would definitely be delicious?
I’m sure they are for the kings and queens.
Now that I think about it, I have no idea what job I would be doing.. We would be doing.

I saw some cleaning the garden earlier and there are some, going to take meals to the King, what would I do?
I hope I get to be in the kitchen. I can’t wait to just eat.. Anything that’s good.
I’m starving.

He are taken to another part of the compound.
It’s still inside the gate we walked through earlier and around the kings palace but a little bit far away from it.

“This is where you will all be living and your work everyday is to clean the palace.
Everywhere of this compound. “
The man says and we all bow to him.

“like you’ve heard. Anyone of you that’s caught trying to act brave and smart.
You shall be executed and that means beheaded! “
I gulp into and turn to carly who smiles ate, as if assuring me that everything is gonna be fine.

“And now with all that been said. Guards come here, uncuff them! “
He says and I breathe out in relief as the guards runs to us and stare removing the cuffs from our wrists.

My wrist has a red mark around it from the tightness if the cuff and I groan slightly before a woman.. A old woman comes to us and directs us inside the house.
It’s actually a big house and ever are some moving up and down.
There are houses in here and it made me realize and wonder, just how big is this entire palace?

We were directed to a room and when we enter, it’s a hall with people sitted and eating.

“I figured you lot would have been hungry by now so here, take a seat and you can eat before we start working.”

Oh finally. I can’t wait.

I’m starving so much already.

To be continue…

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