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The Prince Mistress — Episode 16

The Prince Mistress
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🖤{Stuck Between Two Brothers}🖤

Episode 16.



I gulp in as I stare at the prince, not been able to say a single world. I couldn’t find any word to say, it was as if the words were taken right out of my mouth and the only thing I could do was to just stare.

He is putting on a hard face and he looks angry in fact. Damn! Why the hell did I even ever think of laying on that bed in the first place? Now, this is happening. Exactly what I have been trying to prevent, this is why I didn’t wanna come here in the first place. I just had this strange urge that I was going to land into trouble and now, here my trouble comes.

“Your… Your highness… ”
I stammer, bowing down immediately but he’s still staring at me with that hard face that says he wants to tear me into pieces, probably for having the audacity for been on his bed.

The prince bed Alexa!

“Who the fuck are you?! ”
He yells and I jump at the loudness of the voice before Kara comes out of the bathroom, bowing down immediately while staring between the both of us.

“Oh, I’m very sorry your highness. You are welcome back. ”
She smiles as she says the words, she doesn’t look the least afraid of what he’s gonna do. What’s gonna happen whereas I feel like I’m gonna pee in my pants. I’m under pressure already from the glares he’s giving in. I don’t dare even try to meet his eyes.

“Oh, Kara. I knew you were here somewhere. How have you been? ”
Then he did something that took the breath out of me. Well almost.
He closes the distance between them and engulfs her in a hug while I just stare at the two of them with my mouth open with no words coming out of it. This is really surprising.

I know Kara told me that they are really close and that he isn’t like everyone is saying he is. She told me that she has been his maid for some time now but what she didn’t hold me is that they were friends.. Are still friends cause it’s clearly visible now. Why else would he be hugging her?

“Your highness. ”
She bows once again as he let’s go of her and Kara cones to stand beside me.

“You must have been very surprised when you came in and see the girl on your bed, this is your new maid your highness. They are new recruits brought and she would be taking care of everything that you need as I have been. ”
She smiles and nudged me by the elbow, I raise my head to brows at her and she motions towards the prince.

“Your… Your highness. ”
I bow, still not meeting his eyes but from the corner of my eyes, I know that he’s staring at me but I didn’t dare raise my head to look at him.

“Okay then, she can continue her job but one thing been said, If she does anything I don’t like or act like she’s doing right now. Trembling and looking scared then she isn’t fit to be here. That’s it for now, I hope that you do something about her. Now will one of you get me a glass of wine. Actually, just bring the bottle itself, I don’t know who cleared up all my drinks. ”
He sighs and I almost say that the reason I’m looking scared of because he’s making me scared but that wouldn’t do me anything good so I decide that it might as well be a good choice to just keep my mouth shut.

“Alright, the queen asked for them to be cleared. I shall go bring you a bottle. ”
Kara smiled and bows before walking out of the room and in left alone with the prince.

I shift uncomfortably between my legs not sure if what to do before I decide to start what I’m here for and clean. Just as I want to make a move, I almost collide into his chest and when I raise my head.

Oh god. I’m so in trouble right now.

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