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The Prince Mistress — Episode 15

The Prince Mistress
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🖤{Stuck Between Two Princes}🖤

Episode 15.



“I’m glad that you’re now finally back and I hope that you have stopped your reckless ways and decided to focus on your life and what is required of you to do. ”
Dad, the king says and I roll my eyes as I drop the fork with which I’m eating and cross my arms over my chest.

“You forced me to be here father but just because you forced me to be here doesn’t mean that I would do whatever you want. ”
I smirk and he shakes his head as the maid pours us cups of wine.

“You shouldn’t talk to our father like that Aidan. He’s our father yea but don’t forget that he’s still the king. ”
Charles says and I scoff, turning to him with a smirk plaster across my face.

“So now you tell me what I should do and what I shouldn’t? Is that it, brother? ”
He shakes his head with a smile across his lips, the fucking bastard dared smile at me.

“I am merely telling you what is right to do brother. I’m sorry if that annoyed you. ”
He says so calmly that makes me want to punch him so badly.

“When would you finally grew up Aidan. When would you finally stop acting like a child and behave more like the elder that you are.
Look at your younger brother here, Charles. He has been here ever since he finished schooling taking responsibility as his duties as a prince but you, you have refused to perform your duties. You have refused to be responsible. Soon, you would be next in line to be king Aidan cause I’m not getting any younger and this kingdom wouldn’t be left alone without a king. You need to start acting responsible Aidan. ”
I roll my eyes as my eyes goes over to the so called younger brother who smile at me and it took everything in me not to punch his head into that food that he eating.

“Then leave me alone for god’s name. For goodness sake father, you can take your so called responsible prince and make him the next king in line cause I’m sure that he would be happy for that and I want nothing to do with the royal family or whatsoever so please leave me in peace father! ”

“Aidan! ”
Mom yells from where she’s sitted and I roll my eyes once again. “You don’t talk to your father like that. No matter what, he’s the one and true king of this kingdom and he deserves some respect from you and about you been left alone. You’re the elder of this family and it’s your duty that you became the king after your father leaves us. It’s a duty, it isn’t a choice so I believe that you start preparing yourself cause you will be king no matter what and less you know, you would soon be betting married to princess Jasmine, the princess of The Star kingdom and that isn’t asking for your opinion, that’s telling you what you would be doing. ”
I scoff, shaking my head before standing up.

“I lost my appetite. ”
I whisper, rushing out of the room before I do something we would all end up regretting but not before knocking the chair over.

“I’m very sorry your highness. I don’t know why he has insisted on acting like this, I will make sure that I knock some sense into him very soon. Please don’t let this ruin your good mood. ”
I hear mother telling father before I walk angrily down the hallway, passing the maids that bows to me.

I jerk open my door even though I had this feeling that someone had been here before. This isn’t definitely how I had left this place.
The only one that could have come here is my maid but I haven’t ask for Kara so why?

My eyes widens as I take on the sight that’s in front of me. When I had said someone is in, I had expected Kara to be cleaning the room or even the bathroom. Not some totally random girl daring to sleep on my bed with her body so small on the large foam.

Where the hell did she come from?
Who the fuck is she and what the hell is she doing in my room?

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