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The Prince Mistress — Episode 11

The Prince Mistress
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( Stuck between two prince )



WINNIE (Alexa’s Mother)

My daughter. My daughter hasn’t been home for the past three days.
Oh lord. Please protect my daughter.

Where could she possibly be?

She isn’t like this. She isn’t wayward and she is always making sure that she comes home immediately she finishes her job.

I shouldn’t have let her do the job alone but she said she could handle it.

She said its just a restaurant and it would be easier to work with but now she’s nowhere to be found.

God please. Don’t take my daughter away from me like you had taken my husband.

I know that whosoever that comes to this world must also leave this world one day but not Alexa!
She’s so young. God, please.

Lord, I beg you. Please return my daughter to be, wherever she is.
I want her back please lord.
She’s the only one left for me.
She’s the only one for me.
She’s the only reason that I’m still living. If you take her away also then I won’t have a reason to love.
Please lord, I know you will listen to my wishes and I know you will grant then.
I know I haven’t been serving you properly but please lord, just do this one favour for me.
Bring me back my daughter, please.
Please lord.

Tears rolls down my cheeks as I shake my head.
I’ve went to everywhere!
Everywhere that possible she may be but they all said they haven’t seen her.
No one has seen my daughter!
I have went to the station to report the missing case and I know it’s probably because I don’t have any money to pay that they are delaying on my work.
They said they would find her but they haven’t!
I still haven’t seen my daughter!
My poor daughter.! Where are you?! Where could you be that I haven’t searched yet!
Where are you that I haven’t done to her!

I sigh as I drop to the floor and cuddle on it.
Alexa. My Alexandra, whatever you are. Whatever it is that you’re doing. Whoever it is that has gotten you into where you are.
I beg you, please stay safe for me. Don’t get into danger. Stay calm and endure everything cause I believe that you will soon be back home to me.

She isn’t dead. I know she isn’t dead. I would have felt it if she was dead but she isn’t.
I can still feel her heartbeat in mine.
I can still feel her living.
My daughter isn’t dead and I know that one day.. She would come back to me.
She would be back.



I sigh as I finally finish another basket and I grab it from the floor, wiping away the sweat from my forehead.
It is already nightfall and I don’t know how many hours I’ve been here but I was right always.
This thing is so hard. Maybe because it is my first tine cause everyone else seem to be doing it quite easily.
Then must have gotten used to it but it’s really hard to be and it’s quite stressful also.

I have seen Carly in the kitchen.
She said she was placed there and I wish I could be placed in the kitchen too instead of staying under the sun all day, plucking those food and fruits.

I drop the basket to the ground and pour out the content before looking over to carly who is busy cooking.
I smile at her when she looks towards me before walking out of the kitchen back to my own workplace.

I grab the knife and about to pluck out another when I feel a hand of my shoulder.
I turn back and it’s that girl.
The same girl that taught me how I would be plucking them out.

“You look really tired but you’re still working.
I must commend you, you’re really hardworking. “
She smiles at me and I smile back, chuckling.
She looks really pretty with her short black hair that barely touched her shoulder and her petite white face.

“But it’s over now. We are done, it’s time to move as you can see that now one is here anymore. “
I smile and look around to see that no one I really here anyone.
I guess I didn’t notice.

I nod at her and stand up, dropping the knife in the basket and placing it under the small tree like she have asked me to.

“Where did you come from? I have never seen your face around before.”
She says and I smile before nodding.

“Yes, we were just brought here and I came from Los Angeles, I don’t know where this is though. I have never been here, what about you. What’s your name? “
I turn to her as we walk and she smile.

“My name is…”

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