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The Prince Mistress — Episode 10

The Prince Mistress
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( Stuck between two prince )



I gulp in as my eyes fix on his chest and I close my eyes,

shaking my head.
Why is he here and why the h£ll is he shirtless?
Oh god. Those abs.

Damn! What am I doing right mks?
Do I forgot why I’m here and how the hell that I had got here?
How could I possibly be thinking about being shirtless and abs?

“Oh, sorry if I’m making you uncomfortable but I just need to use the bathroom.”

He smiles at me and I nod before walking out of the bathroom and pacing up and down the room.

Minutes later, he walks out of the bathroom and just when I’m about to go back into the bathroom, he grabs my wrist and turn me back to him.

“Are you sure I don’t know you nor have I seen you before? You looks really like a really lot familiar to me.”

He says and I shake my head immediately.
I’ve never seen him.

Never ever.

Like I have said earlier, I didn’t even know what world like this still exists.

“No, I’ve never seen you your highness.”

I bow and he nods before letting go of my hand while I sigh and walk jack into the bathroom to start my job.


I’m already done with the princes room and when I had finished, he hasn’t even inside which I’m quite grateful for. He makes me feel uncomfortable, I don’t know what’s it about him but I feel really weird.

I walk down the hallway that leads back to the room.. The hall that we left and there is barely anyone in here, I can’t find Carly either.

I massaged my shoulder which is hurting before taking a seat when a woman suddenly cones to me.

Old enough but are look young also.

“What do you think you’re doing right now young lady? Why are you just sitting here when everyone else is working?”

She raises her brows at me and I stand up immediately before bowing at her.

It seems like she has some kind power around us.

“Actually, I have finished the job that was assigned to me and I didn’t think that I was gonna do anything else.”

I try to sound as polite as I can possibly and she sighs.

“Finished? The work of a servant doesn’t get finished here lady. When you’re done with one, you move to another. Do you think this is a joke or something?
The palace is large enough and there are always jobs to do, how can you be telling you got had nothing to do when it’s clear that you’re just lazing around!”

She yells and I bend my head, staring down at my feet.

“What’s your name?”

Oh god. What is she going to use my name for? Report to the king or the queen.

I’m already almost in trouble with the queen. Get reporting he would definitely get me into trouble and I have to stay alive.

“I’m very sorry ma’am. I didn’t didn’t mean to lazy around. I didn’t know what else to do, that’s why I’m here.

It would never repeat itself again.”

I bow several times and pray silently that she hears my plea.

“Are you new here? Were you just brought?”

I raise my head to look at her and slowly I nod my head.

She stares at me from head to toe before nodding.

“Follow me, I will take you to where you will always be once you’re done cleaning.”

I try grabbing my equipment but she asked me to leave them and I comply before training begins her.

We walk around the palace before we finally reach somewhere where they are plucking out some foods or fruits.

“That’s what you would he doing everyday and every time you’re done with cleaning until the daybreak ends.”

She leaves and I breathe out before looking around.
This looks like its going to be really stressful but what other choice do I have anyways?

And I wonder where Carly is, we got separated when we were divided to the rooms we would be cleaning.

I look at the girl beside me and try to learn the way she’s plucking it out.

“Here, I will teach you.”

She suddenly smiles at me and I nod before moving away slightly for her to do it.

“Here, you just have to open this here then pluck this out with a knife which is sitting right underneath this.”

I look under the small tree and there’s really a knife there.

“Just like that then moving to the second one. That basket must’ve needed full before you take it over to the kitchen.”

I smile and thank her before getting to job when the princes words from earlier resounds in my head.

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