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The Prince Mistress — Episode 1

The Prince Mistress
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(Stuck Between two prince)


“Mother, I’m almost done.”

I yell loudly to mother who’s in the living room.

I grab my warmer and pull it over my hair before rushing out of the room.

“Took you long enough.”

She rolls her eyes before giving me a bag and I smile as we both walk out of the room.

I’m Alexandra Vance.

I’m nineteen and I live with my mother.
My father is dead due to a reason unknown to me and I work everyday with my mother to bring food to our table.
I should be in college.. Yes but there’s barely money to provide for our other household necessities.

It hasn’t always been like this.
Before dad died, we lived a peaceful and luxurious life.
After father died, everything went crashing down.
Our company was stolen from us. We were chased out of our home with nothing but our bags.
Everything turned upside down for us but I’m determined to get everything back to normal.
Mother and I had been suffering for the past five years.
We do petty jobs just to get money.

House cleaning. Clothes washing. Babysitting. Petting.
Name the job and we’re suitable for it.
Sometimes we do get dupe. They pay us less than we really deserve but who are we to argue?
We are no one anymore.

We walk down the busy street. It’s a Monday morning and the roads are busy.
I watch some ladies pass by and I sigh, knowing I should have been in that kind of situation too.

I shrug it off before we arrive at Madam Lucile house.
Madam Lucile is one of our clients, we go to her house every morning to clean for her and she pays us monthly.
It’s really quite a good pay.

I knock on the door and we wait for few minutes before the door was opened by Cassandra.

Cassandra is madam Lucile’s daughter and she’s really quite rude.
All she does is roll her eyes and chew gums around.

I bow a little to her before walking inside together with mother.

“where’s madam?”

Mother asks her and she hisses before going to sit in the couch.

“Why the hell do you want to know? Just do your job and get the fuck off.”

I look at mother again before shrugging and walking upstairs to start the job.

I’ve already grown used to her attitude.
It’s really not a big deal to me anymore.

Soon, we were done with the works and I had mother go home while I go work at the restaurant.

I walk down the quiet road that leads to my house after I’m done at the restaurant and I rub my hands down my arms before pulling the warmer down to cover my hair better.

Suddenly two guys appears in front of me and I flinch, moving back immediately.
What the hell is this?

“What do you want from me?!”

I mutter, my voice shaking while I move back.

“Come with us and I will tell you.”

A guy with black hair smiles at me and I shake my head before proceeding to run off, only to bump into two others.

“Please, let me go. I have no money, I swear. Just please let me go.
I will give you everything that’s on me. Just don’t take me, I beg you. “
Tears rolls down my cheeks as I struggke with the four tall mean looking guys.

I look around the street and it’s really quiet. Why the hell is there no single living soul here?

My mouth was covered and I bite the guys palm but got awarded with a slap to my cheek.
I try to scramble off but a metal hit my head and all I saw was darkness.

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