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The Prince Maiden — Episode 1

The Prince Maiden
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( My Crazy girl )

— 01 —

Tyler is a Prince and a business tycoon.

It’s customary for him to pick a bride from his Hometown.

He ran away from home so he wouldn’t have to pick a bride from his community because they are all naive, dull, clumsy and stupid.

Instead he travelled to another country and changed girlfriends every week.

In short, he’s a player and apart from picking a bride, he doesn’t want to be held down by marriage.

Eventually he came back to pick a bride because he was threatened by his parents.

On the day he was supposed to pick a bride, every girl in town lined up and gave description of them in hopes of being picked by the prince.

One of them stood with a bored look on her face and yawned endlessly, eager to give her description and be on her way home.

When it was her turn, she described herself in the worst possible way.

What happens when she was picked by the Prince’s parents?

Her parents are happy their crazy girl is finally getting married and to a PRINCE.

His parents are happy because they think they’ve found a perfect match for their son and she would be the one to TAME HIM.


Will she tame him?

Will they fall in love?

Or will they break up at last?

How would life be of the two people who aren’t interested in marriage?

Let’s find out in this story

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