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The Prince Maiden — Episode 5

The Prince Maiden
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( My Crazy Girl )

      • 05.


I dropped the fork with a clang and looked at him.

Did he really think I’ll eat it??

I was expecting him to say stop.

I looked at him squarely for a few minutes, neither of us blinking.

“You know, my momma always tell me to be gentle and less troublesome. So today, I’ve decided to follow her advice” I pushed the plate back to him “I’m going to stop embarrassing you”

“Yeah and start your wifely duties. I’m going to relieve the maid today, I’ll send her back home.”

“Okay….. I’m now a changed wife” I replied “I want to know what fate has in store for us” I added inwardly.

“We have to start a family too, the queen called me today”

My heart skipped, I’m not ready for a family, we’ll break up after six months.

“Oh…….. I’m not ready now”

“You don’t have to be ready, it’s how it’s done”

“Yeah and you have other ways to satisfy your sexual urges. I’m not ready and besides I don’t love you so making love with you won’t be special”

“Yeah, I do….. Okay, when you’re ready let me know, I wonder what’s so special about it.”

“I need a credit card too”

“I got one for you, it’s in the dressing table in our room”

“Really?” I shot up in excitement

“Yeah” he looked at me weirdly “I’ve never seen you excited”

“Oh” the excitement drained from my face instantly and I mentally created my day’s schedule.


Why’s she suddenly excited? Hasn’t she seen a debit card before?

“I’ve never seen you excited”

The excitement drained from her face instantly but not from her eyes.

She stood and came over.

“What’s she planning to do this time?”

Because of her, I cancelled all function for five months and asked Jerry to go with his wife in my place.

“Stand up, Stand up, get ready for work” she grinned.

“Who’s this, where’s Allison the crazy girl?”

“What?? It’s one of my duties” she shooed me till I got to the bathroom.

When I came back, my cloth was set on the bed along with a tie and a matching shoe.

“Is this for real?” I asked myself.

I wore the clothes, took my briefcase and went downstairs.

As I got closer to the kitchen, I heard her humming as she worked.

If she’s this happy because of a credit card, I think I should be giving her one every single day.

She looked back and caught me staring.

“Oh you’re here, have a seat let me dish out your food.”

I sat down and prayed internally she doesn’t do another crazy thing.

I closed my eyes in anticipation again, just like I did earlier.

When I felt her go back to the kitchen, I opened my eyes gradually to see the meal from yesterday!

I picked my fork and to little to my mouth cautiously.

The taste was nothing like I ever imagined.

Does that mean she prepared it yesterday?

I laid a napkin on my laps and ate the food greedily.

I’ve never eaten a delicious meal like this for a very long time.

I heard her chuckle behind me before going to the room, skipping the stairs by twos happily.

When I finished eating, I went out to meet Jerry and together we went to the office.

“How’s your wife sire?” He asked “I saw the news”

“I don’t understand her, one minute she’s crazy and the other she’s normal.”

“I can relate with you too” he smiled fondly, maybe at a memory”

“I need a girl for the night though”

“Are you sure? It could create a scandal”

“I’m sex starved besides she wouldn’t care” I huffed.


I tried to hide my excitement but it’s not working.

I had my bath and wore a short fleyed skirt and an off shoulder top.

I wore my black sandals, took the credit card and picked a black car this time

I went to the supermarket and bought clothes of different sizes and went to a grocery store.

I made sure I visited all the Orphanage home around.

I’ll keep doing this till I reach out to everyone who needs help in the country.

And since I’m using Tyler’s money, I mentioned his name at every charity home.

It would help make his company more popular.



For the past five months, precisely the day I gave Allison a debit card, my business skyrocketed and my name keeps appearing on the headlines in every newspaper. I’m labelled a noble man, humble, selfless and a helper. I wonder got into them, I haven’t done anything for anyone to warrant this but being in the spot light has really helped my business.

Today, I was given a contract, a very big one at that.

I looked at the half naked girl I’d taken from the club, it took all of my will power not to stop the car and satisfy myself.

I continued with my way of life, not that Allison was going to take it away from me anyway. It has become my addiction.

I got home and parked the car.

I rushed to the other side and opened the door for the girl and carried her in my arms in such a way that her legs are wrapped around my waist.

I kicked the door open and began kissing her all the way to the room beside the master’s bedroom.

I opened the room door and placed the girl on the bed, seconds later our clothes were lying strewn on the floor.

As I thrust myself inside her, I looked at her face and all I could see is Allison’s.

“Oh Allison” I moaned the girl beneath stiffed for a moment and her eyes flew open.

She relaxed her body later, maybe because she understands I’m drunk.

I can’t wait to have Allison all to myself.


I woke up to the sound of loud moans coming from the room next to mine.

I looked at the time on my phone 12:15 am.

“Can that be Tyler?”

I stood up and went in search of the source of the sound.

These past months, I’ve been reaching out to people and no one needs to tell me how more popular Tyler is now including his company.

That way,he wouldn’t worry about the amount I spend everyday.

I’ve never felt this fulfilled in my life.

Tyler and I have been facing our business and we’ve gotten a little closer.

Closer enough that I now trust him and I’m thinking of confiding in him.

He doesn’t disturb me for sex and I’m grateful for that. I’m still scared at even the thought.

Even his dog, I’m thinking of a name for it.

It should just be patient for me.

It hasn’t shown any sign of being wild to me.

It’s always gentle when I give it food and I feed it four times a day.

When I go in the morning after giving it food, I come back in the afternoon then go back to continue from where I stopped.

In the evening and night, I give it food too.

Now it’s fatter and more beautiful.

I got closer to the sound, I said it!

Tyler brought a whore home, well I understand he needs to satisfy his urges but bringing her here is in called for.

I opened the door a little and quietly.

They look so busy, better for me not to disturb.

I remove the key and locked them inside.

I left the key in the keyhole in case he has a spare and wants to open the door, it wouldn’t be possible.

I went to the kitchen and opened a very cold milkshake to drink.

To be continue….

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