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The Prince Maiden — Episode 4

The Prince Maiden
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( My Crazy girl )

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I laughed internally at the look on his face. Sooner or later he’ll send me out of his house.

“We’re going for a function this evening so Immediately we get home order your preferred dress online. I’ll pay when the delivery comes. My business partner wants to celebrate the success of my wedding.” He said

“Okayed” I grinned at him.

“And please wash away whatever is in your mouth, it gives me goosebumps”


I heard him mumbled something under his breath but couldn’t make out the words. This is going to be interesting.


I let out an involuntary gasp when I saw his house, correction, mansion. This man standing beside me must be stinkingly rich.

The house is so big and beautiful. If the exterior is as nice as this, I wonder how beautiful the interior would be.

He took my pause for admiration and smiled smugly.

“My house is the most beautiful and biggest in the country” he boasted.

“Information accessed and found useless” I walked past him to the front door.

I tried opening the door but it wouldn’t budge so I stood aside and waited for him.

He brought out a remote and the door opened.

He walked inside and I followed suit

“Why remote when keyhole sat there?” I asked

He whipped around so fast I took a step back in caution

“Can you stop speaking that way?”

“I telled you I don’t go school” I replied cheekily.

He walked upstairs and I followed him. “We have to stay in the same room” he said


“May I remind you we’re married and the queen might come suddenly anytime”

“Okay” I agreed

He opened the door to what I’m thinking would be the master’s bedroom.

“We have less than three hours to go, I’ll leave the room for you to get dressed, I’ll use another room”

“Two minutes is enough for me to dress up” I said in my mind

I nod and looked around the room.

It’s so big that I can remove fifteen of my room.

I heard the door close, I looked back and saw he has left.

Few minutes later, a knock came on the door.

“Come in” I said to whoever is at the door

A young girl came in, wearing an apron. She must be a maid.

She rolled in my suitcase and left almost immediately.

“Shit! I forgot to do what I planned, well this night is not too late.”

After opening several doors, I finally found the bathroom.

I planned to use the shower but on second thoughts, I used the bathtub and locked the bathroom door.

I filled the bathtub with warm water and poured a vanilla scented liquid soap.

Vanilla is my favorite flavor.

I entered the tub and relaxed, the warm water soothed my nerves.

I washed my hair very well and scrubbed my body.

When I came out, I felt refreshed.

I tied a towel and went to the room.

I looked at the time and gasped in shock.

I had spent almost two hours in the bathroom!!!!!

“Did I by some chance sleep there?”

“No, but that’s the only explanation”

I opened my bag and brought out a black faded jeans and a white tank top and hoodie which inscribed on it was “Weirdo”

I wore it quickly and applied little make up, just powder, mascara and lipstick.

I wore my white sneakers and sat on the bed thinking of what to do since I didn’t order a dress.

Since I have only an hour to spare, I took my phone and sneaked out.

When we entered, I saw different cars.

I went through the cars and chose the white one.

Thankfully, the key was there.

I ignited the engine and drove off. Seems the gate is motor sensored.

It opened when I almost got to the gate.

“This so cool…” I turned on the radio and drove off awaiting his call.


I boiled in anger as I saw her leave.

“WTH is wrong with this girl?”

“How do I attend the function without her? Did she even order the dress?”

I called mother and asked her to get Allison’s number

Twenty minutes later, her number was sent.

Now I have less than thirty minutes to get to the function.

I dialed her number and she answered on the last ring

📞”Where are you?”

📞”I know not, I’m droving anywhere”

📞”How many minutes will it take you to come back home?”

📞”Time will be far”

📞”Can we meet at the function instead? I’ll forward the address to you”

📞”Yes that’ll be okay very well” she replied

📞”Okay” I hung up and tried to keep my breath even.

She’s even playing cool with her English.

Lord please touch her heart and let her speak well at the function.


“I knew he was going to call me” I laughed.

My phone beeped alerting me in an incoming message.

I unlocked my phone and went through the message.

I got the map from Google and followed the direction.

I turned off the engine and got down.

The place is really nice and enthralling.

I love it.

I brought out my phone to call him when I spotted him standing beside a car and looking worried.

I went a little closer to him and waved from a distance.

His expression went from worried to shock to angry.

“What are you wearing?” He came over in long strides and gripped my arms tightly.

“Don’t cause a film here for people to watch” I said harshly “looking looking picture is going around”

He released me immediately. ” Why are you doing this?”

“I want to go home, I miss my room”

” We are married so deal with it, we aren’t separating.”


“Good now we have an understanding, I’ll manage your dressing this night. Let’s go inside and act well.” He whispered harshly too.

I bobbed my head.

” Let’s go” he said and put my hands in his hooked hands. “We have to act like the couple we are.”

When we got to then entrance and our entry was announced, I removed my hands from his arm and removed my sneakers.

I held it with my fingers and put my left hand back in his arm.

“What are you doing?”

“I don’t want to dirty the ground” I smiled at him.

“Gosh Allison! Put the damn sneakers back on. Your cloth is embarrassing me enough.”

I ignored him and flashed my white teeth at the weird look I was getting.

“Allison!” He tried again.

The person who I’m thinking should be the host came over.

“Tyler!” The short man exclaimed

“How you Mr Francisco?” Tyler shook hands with him.

” I’m good, who’s this beside you?”

“Meet my wife” He introduced me

” Hi” I smiled

” Hello there” he kissed my cheeks

“I’m Francisco” The man said

“I’m Allison” I replied “Allison Rice”

“Nice name combination ” His eyes flickered to Tyler and back to me.

“Why are you holding your shoes and walking bare feet?” Francisco asked

“You can’t understand sire” I smiled softly

“I think I love you” The man held my hands and led me to the center.

I dropped my sneakers beside Tyler before going with Francisco.

“Hello everyone, I’d like you to meet the newly Weds we’re celebrating.” The crowd clapped and cheered.

Seems they don’t know yet that I’m the bride.

“Meet the wife Allison Rice” He paused and waited for the crowd to cheer.

No clapped or cheered, they just looked on like zombies.

My cloth must really be something.

Every female in the room wore an evening dress except me.

Francisco cleared his throat “And her Husband Tyler stones”

The crowd began to murmur.

A woman came out, stood beside Francisco and stared at the crowd.

Then she turned to me “Allison, would you please introduce yourself to our guests, we would like to know more about you.”

Most of the guests nod their head in agreement.

“Okay” I answered and face the crowd. “My name is Allison, I am a baby, I have legs for crawling and hands to walk” I dropped to the ground to demonstrate.

I stood and continued “I am a girl, I have tiny legs and and hands.” I wriggled my hands for effect.

” Now I’m a lady, this is how I am” I twirled and smiled at the ground.

They all had their mouth opened including Tyler.

Mr Francisco glanced at me and laughed. The guests followed suit too except from some who quietly whispered in each other’s ear.

“I love your spirit my dear”

I smiled at him “I like you too” I told him, audible enough for Tyler to hear.

I scanned the floor for my sneakers, the ground is cold and my feets are freezing.

I’ve done enough for the night, I need to go back to that bath.

“I’m off Mr Francisco” I whispered in his ears and kissed his cheeks.

I found my sneakers where we stood before and ran out of the room.

I need that bath before Tyler gets home.


To be continue….

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