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The Last Wedding – Episode 8

The Last Wedding
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The Last Wedding 💒


Episode 8

Written By Nathaniel Anuma


When both entered into the tunnel, Ubiji asked, “What was the drama all about?”

“It was to save your life, my life and the lives of your friends” Bernard replied as both hurried into the innermost part of the tunnel.

They were also light on top of it which illuminated the place.

“Are you saying that you know Chisom?”
“Yes, they were five that came but only three remain. Two has been slaughtered”

“What?!” Ubiji stopped.
“Come on, no time!” Bernard told him some part of their secrets then Ubiji became amazed!

They got to a place where different types of tools could be found; digger, large electric screw, etc.
Bernard picked up the two tools and handed them to Ubiji.

“What am I gonna do with these?”
“Stop asking stupid questions and follow me, let’s locate the room they are”

They were able to locate the room then looked up.
“This is the room” Bernard began. “Start digging gently until you crack it open and rescue them. When you do, you guys should run following this direction” he pointed at a part of the tunnel that leads out of the compound. “Start now!” he rushed out.
As Ubiji dug as he was instructed, Chisom began to cry in the room.

How would she had known that the person he rejected was on the same roof looking for a way to save her life? As she cried, Kate met her with tears in her eyes too.

“It’s a pity that we all gonna die like this” Kate said.

“How I wish I can see Ubiji before I die” Chisom began. “I wish I can apologize to him. How I wish I  listened to him. God!” she poured out tears while Kate embraced her crying too.

“No man should be underrated due to his present situation or for who he is” Loveth said from the bed where she sat shedding tears too. “How I wish we listened to that young man? May God forgive us”

Suddenly, light went off, the girls stood up in the dark waiting for the next thing that gonna happen. Just as they expected, Loveth was carried, tied down on the slaughtering table in the slaughtering room with her mouth covered.

Cynthia wasn’t there. Only the two male slaughters were available preparing to stab the girl to death. Just as they raised their knives, Bernard rushed in and said, “Wait!”

They looked at him as he walked towards the control switch and put on the light.

“What’s the matter?” one of the men asked him.

“Cynthia needs you both in the control room. It’s urgent” he replied then looked at Loveth who had
began to sweat struggling her whole body.

The human heads she saw nearly drove her to the land of the dead even before she was killed. “I will take over from here” Bernard put off the light again and began to kwear his gloves.

When the two slaughters left, he quickly untied Loveth and both took another door that led to the main entrance of the underground.

On the other hands, Ubiji had succeeded in breaking the floor open. Chisom and Kate noticed it then adjusted away from the particular place holding each other tightly.

They couldn’t see anybody due to there was no light.
“Chisom” Ubiji called from the opening.

Chisom disengaged from Kate immediately when she heard the familiar voice. “Ubiji?”
“Yes, its me, come, follow here!”
“Oh my God!” Kate exclaimed. She was the first to climb down to the underground before Chisom.

However, the two slaughters had gone to Cynthia, they discovered that she never summoned them, then all hurried to the slaughtering room but found it deserted. Cynthia briskly walked to the control switch and put it on. “Security!!!!” She exclaimed.

Before the security men harken to the voice of Cynthia in the slaughtering room, Bernad and Loveth had made it into the underground tunnel.

Chisom and co had also made it there trying to run towards the direction given to Ubiji by Bernard.

“This way” Ubiji led the way while Kate and chisom followed him. Unknowingly to him, his cell phone fell down in the course of breaking the floor. As they ran through the tunnel, Bernard and Loveth followed

“Run! Run!!” Bernard shouted.
However, Bright drove on the room with his body guards, his phone rang then he picked it up when he saw the caller to be Cynthia.

“We have a situation sir”
“Go on”
“Bernard has escaped with the girls on detention”
“Fuck! How dare you say such a thing to me? Listen, if you don’t bring them back or kill them all, you’re dead” he hung up the call then connected to the security men. “Listen, you fools, do not leave those idiots until you bring their heads to me”

“Copied, sir” a voice replied.
Bright body chemistry suddenly changed to melancholic, he couldn’t bear the gravity of what just happened, therefore he ordered his driver saying, “My friend, turn this car back to base” Immediately, the driver carried out the instruction.

Already, the security men had flicked into the tunnel with heavy guns which had torchlight above the
barrel to enable them see through the tunnel.

Chisom and co could see their torchlight from afar, that made them hastened up running for their dear lives. Bernard led the road, Ubiji remained the last man behind while the girls were at the centre. They got to a point they were matching on muddy and watery ground which indicated that they had drew close to the exit.

“Come on, guys, hurry!” Bernard increased his speed likewise others. Suddenly, they did not only hear the sound of gunshot but also felt the bullets hitting the walls of the tunnel.

“Jesus!” the girls shouted. Ubiji’s mind sank down to his stomach without letting out a shout.

The race took about thirty minutes before they were able to see a ray of moonlight coming from the exit coz the more they ran, the darker the tunnel. The security men kept chasing and shooting them too.

Chisom fell down in the process, the next person behind her was Ubiji who stretched his hand for her to grab.

“Take my hand, stand and be strong” he said as both stared into each other’s eyes. She couldn’t believe
it. A man she humiliated, insulted and underestimated was the one who is not only saving her life but  also encouraging her to be strong. She couldn’t thank him enough.

“We are almost there, hurry!” Bernard shouted.
“You have to take my hands now” Ubiji repeated.
She grabbed his hand strongly then stood up on her feet before the continuation of the race of life and death. Meanwhile, they had outrun the security men to the exit which was just a fit above the ground.

Bernard raised his hands to push it open but sadly brought them down.
“What’s the problem?

Open it” Ubiji told him.
“It is locked” he replied.
“That can’t be!” he rushed to the front, raised his hands too and shook the metal vigorously, yet,
nothing happened.

“Oh my God!” Kate exclaimed. “What are we gonna do now? Does it mean we all gonna die here because those men are after us?”

Nobody replied her or said anything thus, generating a tranquility in the tunnel. They only heard chipping of crickets and footsteps of the security men. It got to a time that their torchlight became visible from afar. Seeing that, Loveth shouted, “Please, do something!”

To Be Continued… 

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