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The Last Wedding – Episode 7

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The Last Wedding 💒

Episode 7

Written By Nathaniel Anuma


Cynthia was undressing when she heard a knock on the door then turned half naked. “Who’s that?”


“Bernard” he opened immediately to see her on pant and bra alone. He showed a remuse but stood still like a man coz he believed that the reason why he came was more important than the nakedness of a woman.

Though, Cynthia, on the other hand didn’t show concern coz she understood that for him to
come into her room must be for a tangible reason, she stared at him to let the cat out of the bag.


“I need a favour from you” he began. “For all my life, I have hidden my heart to love my fellow human
beings talk-less of a girl.

But now I see myself swimming in the ocean of love with a girl but at the same time sad because I know the very girl gonna be killed by me”
“Of whom do you speak of?” Cynthia asked.

“I speak of Loveth, one of the remaining three girls in the detention room. Please, grant me this favour and release her to go”

“What you are requesting for is impossible” she turned her back on him then took off her bra. “You
should know that no one who is detained here for slaughter goes out alive” she added then tied a towel.

“I know all this, that’s why I came to you” Bernard pleaded.

“What you are asking for is not possible young man. Please, leave, I wonna take my bath” she walked
into the bathroom while Bernard left the room.

Darkness became the nature of the weather once more. The gate of the unknown place opened and politicians arrived as usual with prostitutes to eat, drink and buy human parts.

Ubiji on the other hand, looked exhausted that night, he planned to sleep at any place and go back to
Anambra the following day.

He wore a Jean trouser over a blue t-shirt, his stomach was as flat as a rezor  blade due to hunger.

He sluggishly walked along the road looking for where to eat something, fortunately for him, he bumped on the unknown place where he looked through the opened gate to see  people eating, dancing and having fun.

He became interested then gradually entered, greeted the huge gateman but received reply.

He observed the compound to be bigger than he expected, even the
structures found in it.

“How I wish I will see Chisom here” he thought believing that he would find the girl because the place was a happening place. Immediately he entered into the restaurant, a female
waiter approached him.

“What can I offer you, sir?”
“Offer me what you have”
“We have all kinds of soup with meat, even rice of different preparation”
“Let me have rice” Ubiji concluded and sat down.

As he waited for his order, Bernard came out from the
slaughtering room and sat down at a very lonely place where he monitored people and waiting for when the light will go off for someone to be slaughtered.

He couldn’t take his mind off from Loveth. Ubiji’s eyes met with his severally even when his food arrived. He observed his restless attitude and lost of thought then wondered what his problems could be even if he knew that it’s none of his business.

Bernard stood up from the place and walked pass him to the exterior part of the building. Within some
seconds, he returned. Ubiji called on him.

“Excuse me sir”
Bernard looked at him before answering him as an afterthought. “Any problem?”

“Do you work here?”
“Yes, but not in this department. The waiters here will attend to you” Bernard tried to leave but was interrupted by Ubiji.
“I guess you are in my shoe” Bernard stared at him strangely. “What do you mean?” he asked.

“You behave like someone who wants to save someone’s life but doesn’t know how to do it” Ubiji
paused then continued after Bernard adjusted closer to him coz he found what he said to be true.

“My name is Ubiji from Anambra. I came in search of a girl whom i know is in trouble coz God revealed that  to me.

She’s actually gonna be slaughtered like an animal according to the revelation. She came here for a wedding ceremony which doesn’t exist and..”
“What’s her name?” Bernard interrupted immediately.

“Chisom” Ubiji stopped eating when he read his face. “Do you know her?”
“Did she come with other girls?”
“I guess so but don’t know how many they are”
“Can you describe her?”

Ubiji described the perfect appearance of Chrisom whom Bernard noticed that was in the detention
room with Kate and Loveth.

He looked around suspiciously to many eyes on him, even cameras and
security men, so he left without a reply.

That got Ubiji worried. He didn’t go after him but settled down on his seat eating the remaining food,
but his heart kept telling him that Bernard knew about the very girl he talked about.

After eating and clearing the table, he stood up to Bernard who leaned on a wall tapping his foot.
“You never replied me before leaving”

“I don’t know the girl”
“But you behaved as if you know..”
“I said I don’t” Bernard interrupted.

“Okay” Ubiji turned to leave but he called and met him. He wanted to tell him the truth but didn’t know how to do that. “What’s it?” Ubiji added.

“You need to save them” Bernard said vibrating coz he knew the consequences of what he was about to
say or do. Just as he wanted to proceed, Bright came out.
“Who’s this man?” he asked Bernard.

“He’s the plumber I called” he replied facing his boss courageously avoiding quivering of legs or hands
but he couldn’t stop it totally and Ubiji observed it from his trouser.
“A plumber?” Bright queried.

“Yes, sir. Can you imaging that a large pip got broken underground which had been causing leakage and
shortage of water?”

“You should have told me” he looked at Ubiji from head to toe. “But where is his tools?”

“Umm.. sir, he’s a close friend of mine, I told him not to come with tools since we have all the tools

“I see, he should hurry up with that” Bright replied as an afterthought then drove out of the compound
with two body guards.

There was a sign of relief on the face of Bernard after the devil left. He turned to Ubiji and said, “Follow me now!”

He did as he said without thinking twice. Both moved outside at the power house where Bernard opened a metal covering an entrance to the underground house. It was a large metal tunnel.

That  wasn’t the main entrance of the underground, the main entrance was inside the building but he didn’t
want to take him through there to avoid leaking some secrets or encountering the presence of Cynthia.

To Be Continued… 

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