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The Last Wedding – Episode 6

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Episode 6

Written by Nathaniel Anuma


“Who knows what they have done to Chidera? Who knows what gonna befall us too?” Amarachi broke the silence.

Just then, the door of the room opened and all the girls turned to see Cynthia dropping a tray of rice on a nearby table while two huge men stood at the door. On the rice were fried human

“I heard what you said” Cynthia began. “Before knowing what we did with your friend, Chidera, eat
something and eat her meat”

“What?” Kate stood up angrily. “You mean you’ve killed Chidera and used her body for meat?”
Cynthia laughed. “One of you should also get prepared soon” she began to walk out of the room.

“You bastard!” Kate shouted while Chisom began to vomit. Other girls shouted for help trying to run out but the huge men pushed them back.

“Even if you shout from now till tomorrow, nobody gonna hear you” Cynthia concluded with smiles and
locked the door.

Chisom started crying after vomiting likewise others. Nobody touched the food knowing very well that
there were not only going to die but also the food was prepared with the body of their friend as meat.

Suddenly, Amarachi walked up to Chisom and slapped her.
“Why did you slap me?”
“Coz you are the cause of all this!”

Without waisting time, Chisom returned the slap, a thunderous one. “You are stupid to say that!” she

They wanted to go into a physical combat but Kate came to separate them while Loveth sat on the bed crying.

“What’s wrong with both of you!” Kate shrieked.
“Chisom is the one that set us up! she’s the one who brought the issue of this wedding at the first place”
Amarachi replied.
“How would I have known that we were set up?

Abigail is my..” Chisom wanted to back fire but was interrupted by the voice of Loveth who said staring at the wall, “Abigail doesn’t exist, if she did, know that she has been here and killed too. That’s how they got her contact, used it to get us too” she stood up looking at the quiet girls.

“Do you girls remember what happened on our way here?” she asked rhetorically. “The venue of the wedding initially was Las Vegas but on our way to Enugu, the so called
Abigail called us on the phone and changed it to this horrible place.

And no doubt these people slaughter human beings coz I smelt it on Bernard’s body yesterday.

When I asked him if he was slaughtering an animal, he never responded. We are doomed” she concluded. All she said made sense to
the girls and was the pure truth of the situation.

Bright, the manager of the place heard her from the
control room then admired her intelligence. 

Kate turned to Chisom and Amarachi, “Now, you can see that it’s nobody’s fault. We were set up and the
only thing we can do now is stick together and look for a way out of here” she encouraged them.

The  girls turned the bed upside down, checked the walls of the room, even the roof but there was no
escaping exit.

“The floor sounds like there is another room underground” Chisom noticed it.

Kate tapped her feet hardly on the floor. “Its true” she confirmed.

“All we need is to dig” Amarachi suggested.
“Dig with what tools?” Loveth queried then all stared at one another.

6:30 post meridian was the time at the unknown place, yet, the girls never figured a way out. Mr Desmond had also flew down to Enugu to report to the police.

He had the residential address of Abigail where he went with a group of policemen but discovered that the very lady had died and disappeared  not too long ago. (Killed by the slaughters). Everything became clear to everyone that Chisom and her
friends had been kidnapped. Mr Desmond flew back to Anambra while the police took up the case .

However, at the unknown place, the light went off once more which indicated that another person has
to be slaughtered.

Just as the girls rested in the deadly sanctum, the door opened and Amarachi was
carried out to be slaughtered.
“Leave me alone! somebody help me!” she kept shouting until her voice became mute: they tied her mouth with a fabric while her hands and legs were also tied on the table in the slaughtering room.

Due to darkness never fully taken over the atmosphere, Amarachi saw human body parts especially the head of Chidera hanging beside her.

She screamed under the fabric in her mouth. Her heartbeat increased
along with her blood pressure which activated the sweat glands. Cynthia and Bernard watched on how  the poor girl will be stabbed to death but when the two male slaughters wanted to do it, she said,

Bernard looked at her to know her reasons. He was a bit happy thinking that she had changed her mind
not to slaughter the girl again. He knew that’s impossible because anybody who enters the slaughtering  room doesn’t come out alive. 

“Why stopping us?” one of the men asked Cynthia.
“Bernard will be the one to kill her” she replied.

“Why me?” Bernard queried immediately.
“No questions, just do it, and you have not less than sixty seconds”

Bernard gradually moved to Amarachi, looked at her face to see tears coming out from her eyes. He put
on his gloves, took a knife and raised it up to stab her but his hands quivered.

“I can’t do it” He dropped
the knife. To his greatest surprise, Bright walked inside the room.

He wore a black suit and shoes. He
had beards covered all over his jaw.

He was six fit tall and huge in weight with a big stomach. He was
totally black in complexion.

“Bernard, I give you ten seconds to kill that girl otherwise she will be freed and take over your
responsibility while you become the next meat in the cooking pot” he said authoritatively then began to count down from ten, nine, eight..

Bernard raised the knife again, looked at the poor girl who begged him with a pleading face and homing voice, just before the last count, he stabbed Amarachi to death. Blood splashed and light came back…..

Blood splashed on Bernards cloth after stabbing Amarachi to death in the slaughtering room.

Though he  had no intention of doing it but he also had no choice otherwise become the next meat in the cooking  pot just like he was told by his boss, Bright. He looked at him and Cynthia at the entrance of the room in

“Good” Bright commended with hands in his pocket. He watched the other two male Slaughters naked dead Amarachi and began to slaughter her body parts by first widely by-setting her into two.

Bernard didn’t need to be reminded to join them. He handled the breast of the young girl, cut them off and wrapped them for sale.

As he did all that, he kept thinking on how to save Loveth, the one he loves.

He contemplated on going into the detention room or open the door for them to run, but where actually
will they run to in the presence of cameras and locked gate?

To make the issue worst, Bright said aloud in the room which attracted all their attentions, “From today henceforth, Bernard is restricted from  entering into the detection room or seen around the door of the room.

Secondly, I have employed
armed men and given them their duty posts because security here should be tight” he concluded then  walked out of the room.
“This man is a devil!” Bright thought.

“Please, hurry up, we have more work to do tonight” Cynthia reminded them then walked out too.

Bernard’s mind flew out of his chest when he heard that coz he believed the next girl in line to be
slaughtered might be Loveth, the one he accidentally loves.

He couldn’t bear to think of it, therefore he  walked out of the room to the exterior part of the building where he saw armed security men standing at the gate, pools, by the fence of the building, even at the door of the detention room.

They knew what  was happening there especially the secret of the place.

They all had wireless transmitter connected on their ears for easy communication with Bright. Seeing all that, it became so difficult for Bernard to think of how to save the girl he loves. He became devastated, confused and perplexed.

He checked his time to know if the moment of opening the gate had drew near. He averted his eyes from the wristwatch, turned and walked back into the building to the direction of Cynthia’s room. He saw the security men on his way but didn’t talk to any of them.

To Be Continued.… 

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