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The Last Wedding – Episode 5

The Last Wedding 💒
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Episode 5


Written by Nathaniel Anuma.

“Listen, there is no time. Light might go off again, and when it does, I want you to open the boot of my 

car and enter there. It’s a red Venza parked by the pool”



Bernard placed his two hands on her shoulders to explain but the presence of a male slaughter 

prevented him. They directed their eyes to him.

“Cynthia is calling you, Bernard and we have a work to do”

“Okay, I’ll be with you shortly”

“Follow me now!”


Bernard left the place in a hurry while the slaughter glared at Loveth before leaving too.

She walked out to meet her friends but noticed something; everybody had gone home and the gate had also been closed with padlock, even her friends weren’t there too. 


So she hurriedly went into their room to see them searching for their phones. She was the only one who held hers in the hand. Suddenly, Cynthia came in with two huge men. They were mean!


“Get her phone too” Cynthia commanded. The two men collected the phone from Loveth and pushed 

her down on the bed.


“What’s the meaning of this?” Chisom asked.

“You’ve permanently been kidnapped. Say your last prayers” she left followed by the men, only then did the girls understand that there is fire on the mountain. 


They shouted, cried and banged the door but nobody heard them coz there were no windows or an escaping space. Apart from Chisom, Kate and Loveth, the other two girls are Amarachi and Chidera. They all cried aloud but nobody heard them..


Ubiji finally arrived to Enugu few minutes after ten post-meridian then located the venue immediately. 


He could remember vividly the name Mr. Desmond called it, ‘Las Vegas’ Though the place was lively, he saw people drinking and eating. He also noticed that one can Lodge there too. Therefore he hurried to the reception where he asked the female worker saying, “Is any girl named Chisom Desmond lodging 



The young girl checked her system and shook her head. “No” she replied.

“But is any wedding ceremony holding here tomorrow?”


Bernard went outside, looked into the dark sky and placed hands on the waist. He didn’t know what else to do or where to go, even where to spend the night. He just stood there frustrated and stranded.


However, back to the unknown place, the girls had cried out tears regrating their actions. Loveth 

understood what Bernard tried to tell her while Chisom also remembered Ubiji’s words concerning the journey. Just then, the light went off, door opened and one of the girls was carried out of the room to be slaughtered.


Chidera was the girl carried by the slaughters. They covered her mouth, tightened her hands and legs for her not to shout or struggle to escape. 


She was a girl of simplicity who doesn’t like problems. She had dimples on her cheek which become visible when she smiles. They carried her into the slaughtering room, laid her on the table and tied her down. 


Due to lack of electricity, the room was dim making some hanging human parts visible. When Chidera saw most of them, she shouted but her voice wasn’t heard because of the fabric covering her mouth.


She watched two male slaughters wearing hand-gloves and bringing out sharp knives while Cynthia and Bernard watched them from the door. 


Chidera’s breathing rate became faster, the movement of her chest and stomach could tell how fast it was. Heat of untimely death began to produce sweat on her innocent face.


She watched the two men stabbed her with the knives until she took her last breath. Blood splashed, and immediately, light came back.

Seeing that, Bernard and Cynthia looked at each other. 


She knew that his mind was beginning to change about what they were doing but never showed concern about that, rather she said to him, “Bernard, go help them slaughter the body”


He didn’t make a move neither did he say anything. He placed a hand in his pocket watching as the other two slaughters undress dead Chidera to full nakedness.


“Bernard!” Cynthia called on him. “I said go help them!”


He began to move, collected his gloves then joined them.


“This is our last work for tonight. We shall continue tomorrow” Cynthia announced then walked out of 

the room.


Ubiji had to call his friend, Nelson, that night. He told him to please, go to the residence of Mr Desmond, he wanted to speak with him.

Nelson dressed up at that late hour of the night. He knocked on the gate severally before Aminu opened.


“Kai, na who I dey find?”

“I want to see your oga. Tell him that Ubiji sent me to him”


“It’s about Chisom, his daughter”


“Okay, make I wait here fah”

Aminu went into the house to deliver the message but Mr Desmond requested to see Nelson who came inside the compound after that. He dialed Ubiji’s number in his presence. The wife was also standing  beside him.


“Hello sir,” Ubiji sounded on the phone.

“Yes? What is it?” Mr Desmond’s face wasn’t funny.


“I am in Enugu, presently at Las Vegas but there is no trace of your daughter, Chisom, neither is there any wedding ceremony taking place here tomorrow. This is a sign of what I just warned you about”


“You must be joking!” He hung up the call and dialed Chisom’s number immediately. Already, the wife had beginning to feel the gravity of the situation coz the call was on loud speaker.


Chisom’s number proved to be switched off when Mr Desmond called it severally then he called Ubiji 

with his personal number.


“Young man, her number is not going through. Do not bother yourself because she deserve it if actually she’s in trouble” he hung up the call. As he tried to enter into the house, the wife tackled him by holding his caftan. “What do you mean? Please, do something about our only child. You can’t just keep quiet”


He never gave ear to her plead rather finally walked into the building with the wife holding the caftan. Nelson also went home.


Ubiji woke up from Las.Vegas where he paid and spent the night with the little money he had. He knew that another night won’t be spent on a hotel room coz there was no money for that, otherwise he’ll permanently remain in Enugu for what he had left in his wallet was his transport fare back to Anambra. 


He searched all the whole areas to know if there was a wedding ceremony going on somewhere. He saw a place but at the end of the day, Chisom was nowhere to be found there. The sun and a drizzling rain bit him every minutes of the day but he never gave up.


Meanwhile, the remaining girls on detention walked round the room quietly. They didn’t have a good sleep neither did they have food for the day, though they weren’t hungry. Chisom faced the wall, Kate sat on the floor with her back rested on the wall too, Loveth sat on the edge of the bed while Amarachi stood still with hands on her waist.


To Be Continued… 

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