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The Last Wedding – Episode 4

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Episode 4

Written by Nathaniel Anuma.



Back to the unknown compound, the day had become a bit dark and the girls had finished eating to their  satisfaction and were at the swimming pool having fun.

There were restricted to go out there with their  cell phone for a flimsy reasons given to them.

Only one of the girls wasn’t swimming, she sat beside the pool watching the gateman critically.

He neither moved nor smiled. She averted her eyes from him to the man who just approached.
“Hi, I’m Bernard” he said.

“Hi, I’m Loveth” she replied. “I guess you came for the same purpose”
“Yes, I guess you’re talking about Abigail’s wedding”
“Yes” she replied then both remained quiet for some time.

“May I sit down?” Bernard broke the silence. He was an agent of the slaughters but Luckily for Loveth,
he began to develop feelings for her.

Even if he does, when the time comes, he won’t be able to save her. He was a young black guy with afro hairstyle.

He looked gentle and humble but deadly. As he was  chatting with her, all the light in the voluminous compound went off.

When such thing happens,  someone will be taken to the slaughter room and killed.

After five minutes, the light came back.
“Why that?” Loveth asked Bernard.


“They must have been a change-over power” he replied. “You look beautiful” he added to change the  topic instantly.

“Thanks” she said smiling, she was also falling for his handsomeness and love as well. Suddenly,  someone called on Bernard.

“Excuse me” he left the pool walking into the restaurant. He could be seen still walking into the
innermost part of the building opening and closing several doors until he found himself in the slaughter  room.

In the room, human body parts such as hands, legs and heads hung at several places. Bernard  moved further to see a young boy lying dead on a table: he had just been killed when the light went off.  Cynthia and two more guys stood beside the table with hand gloves.

“Take over from here” Cynthia told Bernard as she took off her hand gloves. “You guys should slaughter  this body, cook the main parts and package the essential parts while I prepare the girls for slaughter too” she instructed.

Bernard began to put on his gloves and collected the nearest knife on the side of
the dead body, he didn’t waist time to start slaughtering it by first cutting the stomach opened from the  thoracic region.


The other two guys joined hands in emptying the intestines found in the body.

They were careful enough not to destroy the kidney, heart and liver for sale.

They sell them out to some
prominent politicians and rich men for ritualism and diabolism.

Just as they finished taking off all the organs in the dead body and trying to butcher out the legs and
hands, the door of the room opened, Cynthia walked in.

“Bernard, camera caught you discussing with one of the girls few minutes ago.

You’re beginning to  violate the rules of this place” she said looking at him but he never altered a word.

“Bright, our boss,
said that it shouldn’t happen gain” she concluded and went out of the room.

Bright was the boss and manager of the place. He doesn’t come out anyhow unless there is a serious
issue. He’s always in the control room watching everybody and everything happening in the compound  through mounted cameras at every corner of the building.

After him comes Cynthia who is the next in
command of the slaughters.

She is also the only person who has the authority to go into the control room at any time. Others don’t enter there except summoned by Bright.

Nevertheless, the five girls except Loveth swam in the pool happily without knowing their death had
been planned.

Loveth waited so long for Bernard to come back but he never showed up, so she stood up  into the restaurant walking towards the slaughtering room. Fortunately for her, she bombed on Bernard
at the first entrance coz there are eight entrances one has to pass before getting to the slaughtering

“Where do you think you’re going to?” Bernard queried her.

“To meet you” she smiled. “I thought you have been kidnapped” she added jokingly.

“It’s not funny. You have to go back to your friends” Bernard began to walk out while she followed him
“You sound as if something is wrong. By the way, you smell horrible. Have you been slaughtering an

Bernard ignored her question then finally moved outside with her.
“Why are you so mean to me now?” Loveth asked him again.

“My mood has been changed, so please, stop asking many questions” he humbly replied her, walked  down to the gate at the very sight of Loveth who began to sense that something was wrong about that  place. She observed him whisper something to the gateman before retuning to the pool.

After he left,  the gateman opened the gate widely. That also made the girls feel more relieved. “But why must  Bernard whisper to him before he opened the gate?” Loveth thought.


Big men began to drive into the compound with prostitutes. After some minutes, the place was filled  with people who either came to eat, shop or swim. The other girls came out from the pool to meet
Loveth whose face looked worried.
“What’s it, girl?” Chisom asked her.


“I’m having a bad feeling” she replied.
“About what?”
“About this place. It’s getting late but Abigail is no where to be found”
“I’m sure she will be here soon”

“You think so? ” Kate interfered. “Come to think of it, why are we not allowed to make use of our
phones here? ” she added then all remained quiet looking at one another.

Kate, being the dramatic type went out of their midst going into the building. Within some minutes she  came out with her phone on one of her ears until she met them. She brought down the phone, hissed  and dialed Abigail’s number gain.

When it rang, she put it on loud speaker.
“Hey, girl” Abigail said from the other side of the phone. “How are you girls doing? Sorry my phone went  off when you called earlier, but I promise to be with you girls soon. I told Cynthia to take care of you.
You don’t need to be scared, okay” she added.

“Okay, we were just worried and scared but now that we have heard your voice, there is no problem”

Kate replied.
“There is no cause for alarm”
“Okay, bye” she hung up the call. There was another sign of relief in the heart of all the girls, it could be
seen on their faces.

They turned to see people of different caliber eating, swimming, drinking and having fun. 

Suddenly, a music began to blast from unseen speakers, Kate was the first to make a dancing move
before others joined her dancing with some young men.

Light went off three times as everywhere was
booming which indicated that three people were Slaughtered during that period. The essential parts of  their internal bodies were sold to some politicians and rich men who began to drive out one by one.

The nature of the sky became dark, yet, it seemed as if the sun is about to rise due to how lively the  compound was.

Bernard watched from a distance how Loveth danced, he did not only fall in love with her dancing steps but also fell for her to the extent he began to think of how to save her from being slaughtered. How is  that possible when he had been restricted from going close to her, and the presence of cameras at every  angle of the compound won’t allow him. Nevertheless, he waved at her to come which she did after
noticing it. He took her to a hidden area where they backed a camera. Loveth didn’t feel comfortable
due to the nature of the place.

“Why did you bring me here?” she asked spreading her hands.

“Because I love you” he replied.


To Be Continued… 

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