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The Last Wedding – Episode 2

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The Last Wedding

Episode 2

By:  Nathaniel Anuma


Few days later, Chisom and her friend set to go for the wedding ceremony of Abigail. They were to travel  to a far distance but within the eastern part of Nigeria; from Anambra to Enugu state.

They were four  girls who were as excited as Chisom to witness the wedding of their dear friend, Abigail. All prepared to leave from the compound of Mr Desmond using one of his cars. They entered right in the presence of  these couple and set the car in motion.

“Bye, mum!” Chisom shouted.
“Bye my dear” the mother waved at her. How could she had known that that would be the last time she
will set her eyes on her daughter? What a pity?
On the other hand, how would the girls know that they were being set up for slaughter and for money

Being a faithful God, God began to reveal whatever that was going to happen to Chisom and her friends
to Ubiji in a dream. It was actually a nightmare! After seeing how people were slaughtered in the dream
until the very turn of Chisom, Ubiji woke up sweating all over his body. “No!” he rushed out from his one  room apartment without knowing that the only thing he had on his body was boxers and a singlet.


His diickk dangled in the boxers as he ran nonstop on the street, any person who saw him actually thought  he had been driven mad by hard drugs .

He took the next available tricycle (Keke), luckily for him, he was  the only passenger. “Go go go!” he instructed the tricyclist who first of all looked left and right before  putting the key in the ignition.

He checked if his passenger was a thief pursued by policemen or not but  since he saw no evidence of that, he set the tricycle in motion.

Ubiji jumped down at the entrance gate of Mr Desmond. He neglected the tricyclist who requested for  his money as he banged on the big black gate.

Aminu opened, 
“Kai, me again! I dey craze? I no go open’nam for me for gate” “No, you have to open it. I want to speak with Chisom. It’s very urgent and important!”

Aminu looked at him from head to toe then wondered the kind of human being he is. His appearance
alone made him understand that the young man had gone nut. “Oga, abeg, this place no be psychiatric”  he closed the gate.

“Hey! Open this gate, please!” Ubiji kept banging until it got to the hearing of Mr Desmond who came
out with the wife to know the cause of the pandemonium. They dressed in the same Igbo traditional  attire.

“Who’s at the gate, Aminu?” Mr Desmond asked.

“Whalai, oga, na mad man” he replied.

“Mad man?” the couple glanced at each other.

“Open the gate” he commanded.

Aminu did as he said before Ubiji found his way inside the compound.

There was an expression of  amazement on the faces of the couple when they sighted him on boxers and singlet.

He was really  perplexing all over his body. At first, they thought of adopting Aminu’s idea of saying he was a madman but when he spoke to them, his words were not only better than a madman but that of Aminu who  claimed to be mentally normal.

“Where is Chisom?” Ubiji began looking around the compound.

“She has traveled to Enugu for a wedding ceremony at Lagvegas to be precised”

Mr Desmond responded
calmly. “What is this all about, Ubiji, and why are you appearing like this?”
“It was like a revelation to me, Chisom will meet her doom wherever she’s going to” Ubiji drew closer to  the couple for more explanation but Mrs Esther rebuked him.

“Young man, how dare you come here to rant unnecessarily?!” she tried to call on Aminu again to drive  him out but the husbanded rebuked her too.

“Shut up, woman!” he turned to Ubiji again. “Can you explain yourself again young man?”

“I believe God revealed to me that you aren’t gonna see your daughter again. She gonna be slaughtered
for something diabolic which I don’t know. You have to call her to come back now”

Tranquility became the nature of the voluminous compound after he concluded. His words didn’t make  sense to the couple neither to anyone who would have been opportuned to be there, but Mr Desmond  adhared to the instruction given by Ubiji because in every nonsense, there is a sense as postulated by individuals.

He brought out his phone in the presence of all and called Chisom who picked the call  instantly.

“Hello Daddy”
“I want you to make a U-turn from wherever you are and come back here!”

“For what, Dad? I mean, why?”

Mr Desmond didn’t know what to say, so he looked at Ubiji and glance at the wife whose expression indicated that she didn’t like the phone call but he ignored her.

“Hello Daddy” Chisom grew impatient on the phone.

“Ubiji is here and he said that there is a revelation that you aren’t going to wedding but to your doom”  the father finally replied her daughter.

She laughed on the phone. Her voice could be heard by Ubiji himself. “Daddy, that boy or should I say
man, is insane. God didn’t see our pastor to give a revelation or other spiritual men of God, it’s a
common teacher who doesn’t know the way to church had such revelation.

Is that possible? No, you
should understand that he’s just looking for a way to get my attention which I will never give to him.

Moreover, we’ve gone far and can’t return. Bye, Daddy”

Before the line went dead, Ubiji grabbed the phone from Mr Desmond. “Hello, hello, Chisom, you have
to believe me! Hel.. hello..” the line finally went dead.

He handed the cell phone back to him and ran out of the compound dangling his dick once more like a green horn in the course of madnesses.

The tricyclist  rode him home after his money was promised by Ubiji to be paid at his residence. 

To Be Continued.. 




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