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The King’s Pet — Episode 9

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[she’s all🍟you want]

written by Eunice Nwodu💚

Episode nine

🍒Zara’s pov🍒
I was on my bed staring at the clock tick.
Just few minutes left for the time of the date.
It was finally 5pm.

I fixed my hair and wore some jewelries.
I left the room and went out of the mansion where my ride was waiting.

The door was opened and I entered.
The driver took off.
I admit I feel nervous and anxiety was eating me alive.
I didn’t know how to use cutleries but am going to try my best.
I have to impress king Damon.

The car stopped infront of a gold painted five star hotel and the cold night aura welcomed me. The whole place looked so sumptuous and I wonder how the inside would turn out.

I was busy admiring the place and didn’t notice the driver step down from his side and come to the back seat. He opened the door for me and helped me stand on my flat shoes.

There was so much guards standing before the building.
King Damon’s set of Benz car was parked at a spot.
I walked inside the hotel and freaked out seeing the whole place empty and only a waiter was close by.

She approached me and helped me with the purse I was holding.

“I’ll take you to him” she said sweetly and walked before me.
We arrived at the dinning hall.
I gasped as I saw the beautiful glittering hall.
There was a huge chandelier lighting up at the ceiling. It was too bright I couldn’t look any further.

I looked at the table where king Damon sat operating his phone.
The waitress behind me smiled softly at me before leaving.

Damon noticed my presence and dropped his phone.
He stood up and went behind the next seat ushering me to join him.

I dragged my feet to where he was and sat on my seat. He sat on his and uncovered our plates.

“can you briefly tell me about yourself?” He asked.

I nodded.
“Am Zara Clinton. 23 years old. I grew up with my mom. I wasn’t able to complete my studies” I said feeling uneasy.

He smiled wryly as he took a glass filled with red wine and drank from it – just a sip.

“Do you know how to drive?” He asked and I didn’t know when my eyes snapped at him.


“I don’t” I replied finding the question funny.

He urged me to bring my hand close.
I slowly lifted my right hand and stretched it to him on the table.
He dropped something on it.
I quickly took a look.
A car key!

“King Damon!!!” I yelled in shock.

“Don’t scream my ears off” he chuckled.

I could swear I nearly cried.
He bought me a car!
He’s blowing my mind right now…

He loosened up a bit and we started talking in a more friendlier tone.
Written by Eunice Nwodu*

Two hours later🍒💋

Damon didn’t even wait for me to drop my purse…
He attacked me kissing me hungrily.

He carried me up and in a split second, he pulled off my dress.
He dropped me on the bed and unhooked ny bra in a jiffy.

He didn’t let me do a thing,.
His kiss trapped my mouth not giving me access to protest.

He starts to kiss me on my neck.

“King Damon…you’re married!” I muttered when I had the chance.

He didn’t say anything as he sucked on my n**ple. I couldn’t help but moan.
I felt him rub his d*ck at the entrance of my v. He pulled in and starts to ride me, this time better than the last. Am so tight but already wet down there.

He went on for some minutes and we both hit climax. He pulled out and laid beside me.
I enjoyed every bit of it but I can’t help but admit the fact that he’s married.
I don’t think am going to make heaven.
But he bought me a car.
Does it mean am not just a s3x partner to him?

I tried to reach for my clothes but he stopped me pulling me back To lie beside him.
He kissed my hair and kissed me on my lips.
I laid my head on his chest listening to his heartbeat.

“Am married but it doesn’t mean anything. Once the b**ch is back, am filing a divorce” he said and my heart skipped.

Am a marriage breaker😩😩

“Zara, I love you” he said.

“I love you too Damon” I muttered.


Mary is taking a break 😂
Queen Gloria is fire🔥herself oo

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