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The King’s Pet — Episode 8

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[she’s all❄you want]

written by Eunice Nwodu💙

Episode Eight🍷

🍒Zara’s pov🍒
I thought I heard wrong…
It can’t be.

King Damon is married.
What will queen Gloria think of me when she returns from her trip?

She’ll make me an enemy and I don’t think I would want that.

I pulled my blanket up to cover my body properly..
Am feeling kind of better.
The fever is not so much now.

King Damon has refused to tell me what made him so angry earlier .
I don’t want him to get mad again so I waved it off my thoughts.

Tomorrow is gonna be my first date ever –
And it’ll be with king Damon!

“Mary, please switch off your lamp, it’s too bright” I heard Stacy, one if the maids in the room said.

Mary rolled her eyes.
“Deal with it or you leave the room” she replied rudely.

I shook my head feeling quite sleepy.
I shut my eyes drifting to sleep.

🍒Mary’s pov🍒
I was awake watching Zara sleep at the other side of the room.

Why’s she always the chosen one?

It can be other girls, why does it have to be Zara? The girl I hate the most and loathes.

My hate for her grew when she became the new maid at the palace.
I hated her cause she replaced me.
I used to be the young one, the most s*xiest of all maids.

I wish I can go over there and strangle the life out of her!

I just have to control myself for the meantime while I cook up a plan.
I need to act before she gets intimate with the king cause with the way am seeing it, he’s falling for her.

🍒 Queen Gloria’s pov🍒



“You’re stretching me out!!”

I screamed as the guy dealt with me mercilessly.
He’s so huge and long!
I don’t know if King Damon is up to his length cause I’ve never seen him nude.

I held onto the bedsheet.

“Ouch!” I rapsed.

He continued pounding into me like I was some toy.
I was sweating all over my face and everything seemed blur.

He lifted my a•s and did good to it.

Oh my!
He’s so better than my last lover.

I hired Tucker earlier this evening and he doesn’t even want to know how I want it, the styles and heat..
He just grabbed me and tore my dress.

I hit climax and he pulled out of me before he released his seeds.

I dropped on the bed with my eyes welled up.
Wow, am crying cause of him.

He didn’t say a word as he took his clothes and wore them.
I relaxed on my bed,
I was planning on going home tomorrow but no, I’ll need some more of this guy.

⏰Next day⏰
🍒Zara’s pov🍒
I was walking to my room when I felt a hard grip by my wrist.
The person pulled me to a secluded area.

I looked up.

He is one of king Damon’s drivers,
What does he want from me?

“Hey beautiful” he said giving me a look I couldn’t explain.

“Good morning sir” I said Feeling uneasy.

“Morning. How was your night?” He asked smirking.

“Am sorry Miles but I have things to do” I said trying to leave.

“I want you Zara and you know it” he said making me stop.

How could he be so straightforward?

“Stay away from me” I said and Tried walking out on him.

He stopped me and pinned me to the wall.

“Playing hard to get, huh?” He asked his breath hovering around my face.
He slid his left hand on my butt and squeezed it.
I pushed him off and landed a slap on his cheek.
He touched the spot and groaned while I ran off.

Now I don’t feel safe.

He wants me?
In what way?
No way.
My life is already complicated.
I don’t want more problems!

I got to my room and saw a big red box on my bed.
There was a blue ribbon on it.
I rushed to it and opened it.

A dress!!!

I lifted it up.
Oh my God!
I saw a note beside it.


I covered my mouth with my two hands staring at the breathtaking sparkling dress on the bed.


I smiled inwardly.
I really can’t wait for the date.

Who else can’t wait for the date?

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