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The King’s Pet — Episode 5

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[she’s all🎻 you want]

written by Eunice Nwodu

Episode five

🍒Zara’s pov🍒
I woke up early the next day to do my chores when the chief maid stopped me.

“Am giving you an off today. Go and rest” she said nonchalantly.


My ears must be deceiving me.
This lady dislikes me alot and is always harsh.

Maybe she’s playing a prank on me.

I tried to take the mop and she stopped me again.

“I said leave it and go back to your room? Are you turning deaf??!!” She yelled obviously pissed off.

What did I do?

I bowed my head and left the spot.

“I don’t know what you gave the king to eat, you little snake” she muttered but I heard her loud and clear.

So King Damon ordered this.

I left for my room in Shame.

🍒King Damon’s pov🍒
I ordered a guard to buy Zara good clothes and shoes to wear. Even nice set of nighties.
I still feel bad and guilty for what happened.
I still don’t know how to make it up to her.

I feel like killing my friends.
They’re the cause of all this mess.
If only they weren’t so childish and love playing pranks.

I feel quite empty inside.
Am married but I damn feel single.

I have to let Gloria go,
I might as well never find true love.

🍒Mary’s pov🍒
It’s like my work got doubled and it’s true.
This is really happening.

Am doing Zara’s chores for her while she’s inside doing nothing.
Why is she being treated like she’s royalty all of a sudden?

I can’t just sit back and watch her over throne me in this palace.
Our destinies might now be the same but my light is sure to shine brighter.
Story by Eunice Nwodu*

I left for the room to get my cell phone.
Zara was on her bed just quiet and looked a bit pale.

Suddenly, a knock came on the door and a guard walked in.
He was carrying a big blue pretty shiny bag.

Could it be for us?

He walked straight to Zara’s bunk and handed it to her.

My jaw dropped.

She looked suprised and shocked too.
She looked into it and gasped.

I bet it’s clothes that are in the bag.

The guard didn’t say a word and he left.

I drew near to her to take a look at what the content in the bag was.


Pretty dresses*

I was gobsmacked..

All for Zara!

I looked closely at the bag.

It’s from one of king Damon’s company.
Could it be it’s from king Damon😱😱

🍒Zara’s pov🍒
Oh my God!

I can’t believe this reality.
The clothes looked so fancy and I had no idea if I should cry or smile.

King Damon.

I know he sent this.

He must be feeling guilty and thinking of a way to be in good terms with me.

But no.
I can’t accept this.
It’s almost like he’s paying me for satisfying his urges.
Am not a prostitute.
Story by Eunice Nwodu*

I noticed Mary looking at me and it made me feel awkward.

She monitors my every move like she’s admiring me or something.

I left the bag jot minding her weird stares.

I walked past queen Gloria’s room.
When will she be back?

I went to king Damon’s chambers.

I don’t have the guts to come uninvited but am not sure he would hurt me,
Would he?

I knocked on his door and he opened up.


A hot sexy six pack king was standing before me.

He had a white towel round his lower waist and his hair was wet and drops of water dropped down his hot chest.

I wasn’t myself for a long time.
He’s so gorgeous!


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