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The King’s Pet — Episode 3

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[She is all❤you want]

Written by Eunice💙

Episode Three

🍒Zara’s pov🍒
I rushed back to the king’s room to do my daily morning cleaning.
I offered to clean the king’s room so I can clean up my mess, scratch that, our mess😓
I went to the bed and removed the duvet staring at the blood stains.

King Damon really didn’t see it!
I removed the bedspread. It was difficult but I was fast enough. I replaced it too. I started cleaning the room.
It’s not dirty but it needs to be spotless.

I was done after an hour and I carried my equipments and left the room.
I walked down the hallway to the store room and that’s when it hit me!
I forgot the bedspread in the kings room;

Why am I so unlucky?
I rushed back upstairs and barged into the room. I froze at my spot…
King Damon was on his bed pressing his laptop.

I looked around for the bedsheet…
Ohh, where did I leave it earlier?

“What happened to the bedsheet that was on this bed yesterday?” K Damon asked…
What do I tell him?

“We have new rules now, every morning we change the bedsheet” I lied.

He looked at me and I bit my lip looking away…

“Whatever… Why didn’t you make my breakfast this morning? And I never asked you, why on earth will you sleep on my bed with me?” He asked sternly.

I kept mute…
I really don’t know what to say.
What happened is so shameful and I don’t even understand myself anymore.
Am scared of the actions he’d take when I tell him.

🍒Queen Gloria’s pov🍒
I sat on my bed pressing my phone while my lover was in the bathroom bathing.

I sighed remembering Damon’s words to me.
Who does he think he is?
I was married to him when I was so unprepared.

But the real reason am cheating on him is the fact that am a s3x addict and worse, I don’t have a fit organ to nurse a sperm, in short, I can’t give birth!

I don’t want Damon to figure that out… That’s why am never home so he doesn’t get a chance to touch me.

My family Especially my dad will kill me when he figures am barren.
Am stranded and have no one to turn to.

I laid on the bed feeling so burdened by my situation.

🍒Mary’s pov🍒
I saw the tray used in serving the king.
Oh God…
I hope he likes my food.

I opened the closed food.


He didn’t even touch it.

Bonnie walked past and I called her close.

“What…what happened?” I asked shattered.

“The king doesn’t like your food. He even yelled at me. Please, don’t near the pots again” she said laughing.

I was very angry.
But he clears Zara’s plates…
😡i so much hate her.

🍒Zara’s pov🍒
“I was bitten by a tse tse fly so I slept off on your bed” I lied.

He looked at me strangely,
He really doesn’t believe me.

“A tse tse fly bit you, are you trying to say there are flies in my palace?!!!” He half yelled and I shuddered.

“No no… I..” I stammered.

“It’s funny to know you were trying to take advantage of me!” He rapsed.

“I…I wasn’t”.

“Leave my room. I’ll surely have your chores tripled” he said.


When am still recovering from last night’s event..

“Please, your highness” I muttered still looking around for the damn bed sheet.

Where did I keep it?
Oh, Zara,
You’re done for…

Staring at the floor, I left the room.

🍒King Damon’s pov🍒
I glared at her as she left my room.

That girl needs a tough punishment.

She’ve lost her respect for me.

How could she just lie on my bed and make up lies?
Am still the king, ain’t I?

I walked to the bathroom and stopped seeing the previous bed sheet of yesterday.

That clumsy girl,
She didn’t even take it.

I tried to walk past it but it fell down.


I glanced at it and had to look again.

Is that blood on it?

I stooped to a crouch and looked at it closely,it’s really blood!

Has our king found out?

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