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The King’s Pet — Episode 27

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(she’s all♥you want)

ßy: Eunice Nwodu

Episode Twenty seven

💫****4 years later***💫

🍒Queen Zara’s pov🍒
I walked into the Kris’s bedroom with Kara in my arms. Kara is just a year old and looks just like me.

Am happy about that since Kris took his father’s great looks.
Kara was wide awake staring at me.

I smiled and looked up at Kris’s bed to see him busy with his phone.

I rolled my eyes.
I never liked the idea of getting a phone for Kris at this tender age but I just can’t argue with Damon for long.

I cleared my throat and Kris’s took his eyes from his phone to me.

“Hey mom, what’s up?” He said sitting up on his bed.

I dropped Kara on his bed next to him.

“Kara needs you to keep her company while I go visit your father at his library” I said and his face dropped.

“Am not a babysitter mom. please take her with you or leave her with her nanny” He said icily.

“Her nanny’s not feeling so well and she needs a bit more rest” I said sternly to the little boy before me.

“Fire her then” he grouse removing Kara’s hand from his legs.

I stood at akimbo staring at my son feeling so amused.

He’ve grown so smart and a bit rude.
What do I do with him?

“Come on Kris, she’s your baby sister. Just play with her till I get back and if she sleeps off, cover her up…okay??” I pleaded and he nodded.

“This is going to mess up my schedule but I guess it’s worth doing since am the prince. It’s my duty to take care of Kara” he said smartly and I nodded.

“Yes baby, it’s your duty. Remember not to give Kara a painted story book to chew…its going to cause hazard and might hurt her. You both can play with your dolls…”

“Yea…yeah mom. I got this. Bye now” he said and dropped his phone on the drawer.

He turned to his sister and touched her cheeks.

“Are you ready to have fun, Kara?” He asked her and she smiled broadly.

I smiled out tears.
So sweet.

I left the room and headed for the stairs.

Damon’s library is at the other side of the mansion.
I walked to the place walking past maids and cleaners. They all bowed on seeing me and greeted me with “your highness”.
It filled my ears as I made my way to the next building.

I went up the elevator and got to the 5th floor. I went to the huge door and knocked on it.

It opened on it’s own and Damon grinned on seeing me.
I hovered into the large library and approached him.

He held me by my waist on seeing me.

“Hey love. I was just on my way to see you. How are you doing?” He asked and brought his lips to my neck and kissed it.

“Oh stop pretending like you care. You’ve been away for days now and you returned yesterday and you can’t come and see me and the kids. What happened? What excuse do you have??”.

He chuckled.

“Am sorry babe. I was working on something…” He said and I scoffed.

“What exactly?” I asked trying to see what was displaying on his system.
He quickly turned it off.

“C’mon let’s go to our room. we have something to do…” He said and whispered the last part.

I scoffed.

“In your dreams. Am still mad at you” I said and pushed him a bit.

“Am going to make up for it tonight” he said and winked at me.
I rolled my eyes.

He smiled and took his phones from his table and turned to me. I looked into his face.
His eyes are a bit puffy like he hasn’t slept for since yesterday.

We held hands as we left the library and took the elevator down the stairs and we walked to the main mansion.

“Should I carry you?” He asked and I laughed.

“You look tired. We’ll both fall down cause am also exhausted from Kara’s disturbance” I jibed.

That naughty girl…” He grinned and I laughed.

We went upstairs and walked past Kris’s room.
Damon was heading straight to our room.

“Wait love. I left Kara and Kris together. We need to check up on them” I said and he nodded.

We went into their room.

We heard voices coming from the bathroom.
Damon and I rushed to the bathroom.
I gasped.

Kris was on the toilet seat while Kara who was now naked was standing close to him. The bathtub water was on and rushing.

“Kris, what are you both doing in the bathroom?” I asked and carried Kara in my arms.
Where are her clothes?😂

“Kara wanted to take a bath so we’re waiting for the tub to get filled with water” he replied.

My eyes widened.
Damon and I looked into the bathtub.

Wait, the drain wasn’t even plugged in.
They pulled the drain out and dropped it by the side before turning the water on.😂😂

“Kris, how do you expect the water to get filled?” I asked him with Damon laughing behind me.


Go Kris😋💃

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