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The King’s Pet — Episode 26

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(she’s all you want)


written by Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya


Episode Twenty Six


Mary’s POV


Everything was going according to planned before one of the policemen shot one of my men so they reciprocated.


I removed the grenade I had and it released tear gas at the atmosphere. I rushed to the guard that had the baby and took the boy from him.


I covered him up and took to my heels. My men will finish them off.


I kept running amongst the forest trying not to stress the little baby.


He’s f**king not strong enough and if he dies, all my years of working and planning are in vain.


🍒Queen Zara’s pov🍒


I ran after the strange woman as fast as I could.


Tears filled my eyes.


I was loosing so much strength.


I kept panting as I ran.


“Stop! Please just stop!!” I pleaded shouting out to the lady.


She stopped on her track and glanced at me. Her eyes widened and a ray of shock passed through her eyes.


Her face is spotless and too fair but there’s still a hint of familiarity on her face.


She turned her back on me and continued running.




I don’t Think I can Continue this race any longer!


I dragged my feet going after her again.




I’ll never watch my son get taken away from me.


Not while am alive and breathing.


I continued running dodging trees like I was in some temple run video game.


She suddenly slipped as though she fell of a cliff.




“No!!!!” I cried out as I got to the spot where she suddenly fell.


I looked down and gasped.


The lady was holding on to a rock with one hand and with the other she had Kris who was tightly to her chest.




She shouldn’t let go.


How do I help her?


“Help me!” She said and that’s when my scrutiny was satisfied.


Her voice.


She sounds like….Mary?


“Help me Zara!” She said still struggling trying not to fall off the cliff.


Her feet were dangling.


“Pass me my son and I’ll help you” I sajd with my eyes glued to my baby boy whom I couldn’t see his face.


“You bi*ch!…no way!” She retorted still struggling.


“Trust me Mary, give me mybson first and I’ll be able to drag you up” I said.


She sighed.


“I can’t hold on any much longer” she growled and lifted Kris up and I quickly carried him still holding my gun.


I held onto my son tightly.


I thought I lost him.


More tears gathered in my eyes.


“Alright. You have you son, now help me up” Mary wavered.


I took my eyes from my son to her.


“And give me one good reason I should help you. You had the guts to touch my son. The prince of this kingdom and you want to go just like that??” I asked looking down at the devil.


I cocked my gun.






You’re not a killer…


you can’t kill me…


You can’t do this…please!” She yelped with so much fear in her eyes.


I pointed the gun aiming at her leg which was in a good view.


“Am not just a Queen


Or a woman named Zara,


Am a mother and nobody messes with my blood” I said and pulled the trigger.


She screamed so loud in pain still holding onto the rock. She cried in pain. I aimed for her head and pulled the trigger nonstop till I had a signed her whole face with hot bullets from my gun.


She fell off the cliff into the deep dark valley below.


I looked at the baby in my arms.


“Kris…” I called his name staring into his face.


He was calm and his eyes were shut.




What…what does this mean??


I shook him and checked his pulse.


He wasn’t reacting to my touch.


My heart stopped beating for what felt like forever…


“Kris!!!!” I yelled in amidst tears.


No! He can’t be dead…


I stepped back almost falling but I fell into Damon’s arms.


He took Kris from me and I slumped on the floor.


My baby…


He’s gone😭😭😭


After everything.


After all the hopes and prayers.


He just left in an instant…


I closed my face with my palm and began crying.




How can you do this to me??










I continued crying until I heard a baby’s yawn. Is Damon playing pranks on me??


I sprang up ready to kick his ass when I glanced at Kris and saw him wide awake.




Yeah, his eyes are closed but…he’s breathing.


I gasped!


“Kris!” I yelled and carried him from Damon.


“He’s hungry now. Feed him already” Damon said Smiling and my cheeks turned red.


I saw small tears in his eyes…


I noticed the presence of the cops around taking photos and what so ever they were doing.


I brought out my right breast and put the nipple into Kris’s small mouth.


“Um…Zara…your pants are stained. Let’s get you home” he said but I sat on the floor at the foot of a tree feeding my baby.


I don’t care about anything else in the world.


Just my baby and I….




Let’s see our king and queen parenting


Swear, you cried for Kris


Well I did.


Heart this post if you were touched😍


Mary oo


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