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The King’s Pet — Episode 24

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(she’s all🔱you want)

written by Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Episode Twenty Four

🍒Zara’s pov🍒
I couldn’t stop saying gibberish while the nurses tried to comfort me.
My son.
Nobody knows who took him.
I kept shaking like I was falling ill.

The door burst open and Damon walked in with the doctor trailing behind him.
The maids left me stepping back as Damon came towards me.

He sat beside me on the bed.
My tears began coming down wetting my wet cheeks.

“They took him Damon. They took our son!” I wavered overwhelmed with fear and pain.

My first child.
My own flesh and blood.
They just took him immediately I bore him.

“Zara, you need to calm down” Damon said stroking my hair.


“How can you tell me that? How can you f*cking ask me to calm down!?” I yelled everything spinning before my eyes.

“You just gave birth.
You went to hell and back, please Zara.
Just calm down.
Take a deep breath” he said with his normal gentle voice.

I muffled out my tears as I took deep breath. I exhaled and it felt like a load has left my chest for a second, but then it’s back.

“Good girl…” He said and wiped my tears with his handkie.
I fell into his arms hugging him tightly.

“Bring my son to me Damon” I said ruefully.

I sat back up looking into his face.

“That’s not an issue Zara.
Those bastards had the guts to mess with the prince of this land.
They’ll pay.
Stop crying. Just take your drugs given to you by the doctors. I’ll be back to check up on you later…” He said and stood up.

A smile suddenly appeared on my face.

“I trust you Damon. Please send someone to check up on my mom. She should be back from her journey by now” I said and he nodded.

He leaned close and kissed me before leaving the room.

I looked up at the heavens.
Nothing must happen to Kris.
Not even a scratch.
Otherwise, I’ll be forced to deal with whomever hurt him myself and the pain will be severe and worse than death.

🍒Mary’s pov🍒
I sat on my diamond coated chair watching the few minutes old baby wiggle. His eyes were tightly closed and so was his cute little hands. A complete product of Zara and Damon.
So much resemblance and beauty.

For the past months I had been walking.
I knew if I wanted to over throne someone, I needed money.
I left the kingdom to another and began working. Each salary I was paid, I invested it and continued to expand.
I even had a plastic surgery to fix my ugliness. So that won’t be a problem to me anymore.
So now, am pretty much a millionaire.

Enough wealth to kidnap the doctor’s daughter and ask him to help me get into the ER or I kill his daughter.
Of course, he complied and I was able to be among the nurses that’ll welcome our little prince.

I made Zara’s mom unconscious cause if she made it to the hospital before Zara is put to birth, she might also join hands in delivering the baby, thereby ruining my plans.

I know Damon is on to finding me and I know he’ll find me soon but I’ll make sure I get what I want before I give him his son.

I took out the documents and spread them on the bed.
The documents states that, Once Damon signs at the three places, his handing the kingdom over to me in exchange for his son.

This should be fun…

I took a clean white clothe and wrapped the baby carefully. he’s so fragile but plump. What is Zara eating that her son looks like a 2 months old😒

I gathered what I needed and took the baby to my car. I dropped him in a baby car cart and closed the windows so the air won’t be too mmuch for him.

I went to. The driver’s seat.

“Let’s take a joy ride baby” I said happily and started the car.

I drove off singing and chewing a gum.


Let’s go and price wheelchair for Mary😋

Will Damon give up the kingdom for his son??

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