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The King’s Pet — Episode 23

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(she’s all👠you want)

written by Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Episode Twenty Five

🍒King Damon’s pov🍒
I looked out the streets as the car moved in a fast pace.
The bi*ch has been found.

Once I get my hands on her,
I’ll make sure I hurt her in such a way she’d never recover.

“We’re almost there your highness” The driver said and I clenched my fist.

“Drive faster!” I rapsed hitting my fist on the car seat.

🍒Queen Zara’s pov🍒
As soon as Damon left with his subjects, I climbed off the bed.

A nurse ran to me.

“Your highness, the king has ordered for you to stay in bed and not to be let out” she said politely.

“I won’t sit here and watch them hurt my son. I need to do something!” I rapsed and looked around for something to wear.

My private part was hurting and the hospital dress I wore was stained in blood.

What do I wear??

I glanced at the nurse.

“Please, let me have your clothes. The guards might not let me leave. I need a disguise” I said running my hands through my hair.

“Your wish is my command your highness” she said and pulled off her shirt.

I smiled and removed my dress.
In no time, we were done and I was in the nurses uniform.

“Thank you dear” I said and rushed out of the ward.

I walked past the guards hiding my face.

“Hey!” I heard and paused.

“How’s the queen?” I heard the man ask.

Hm. I quickly cleared my throat.

“She’s coping” I replied in a tiny voice so they don’t recognize me.

I quickly rushed out of the hospital and entered an ambulance. Luckily, the key was there. I drove off recalling the location Damon’s personal assistant said.

🍒King Damon’s Pov🍒
We arrived at the warehouse and we all rushed out of the ride.
My guards and policemen surrounded the area.

My phone rang and I picked the call.

“King Damon” A female voice said.

“I don’t want to see you with my child cause if I do, i’m not sure if you’ll survive my reaction so just hand him over now before it’s too late” I said staring at the huge warehouse before me.

She chuckled.

“This time I came prepared” she said and hung up.


I pulled out my gun from my pocket and advanced into the warehouse with four of my guards.

I came to a dead stop as I saw the bi*ch that has my child. She was standing with her hands at her back.

Three men were standing behind her and then there’s one with…
My child.

He was carrying my baby in his hands and had a gun pointed to his head.

My eyes welled up.
He’s just 4 hours old for Christ sake.

The bi*ch cleared her throat.

“I knew you would bring as many men as you can cause you’re weak Damon” she said.

I just couldn’t take my eyes off my son.
I couldn’t even protect him while he was born.

I pointed the gun at the woman and she laughed.

“Try anything funny and I’ll have your son killed right before your damn eyes!” She rapsed and I knew she meant every word.

“What the he*l do you want?” I asked with my finger on the trigger.

“Am glad you asked” she beamed and brought out some papers.
“What I want is your kingdom. Your inheritance in a whole”.


Is she crazy?

“What you’re asking for is impossible cause the people will hurt you for sure” I said.

“I don’t care. Sign the paper or you’ll never see your son again” she said and threw the papers and a pen at my feet.

I picked it up.
What is the wealth and treasure compared to my child?

I opened the pen getting ready to write down my signature.
Out of nowhere, gunshots filled my ear drums.

Oh my God!

I flashed my eyes at where my son was but couldn’t see through the fog of tear gas.

What’s going on!?

🍒Queen Zara’s pov🍒
I arrived at the warehouse and got off the car. I heard gunshots inside the warehouse.

My child!
What’s going on? 😱😱

I went to a police car and searched it. I found a gun and took it.

I was about to run inside when my eyes caught someone running amongst the trees at the bush afar. I looked closely, it was a lady with… A baby!
Oh my God!
My son…

I hopped cause the pain around my v was still hurting. I gathered strength and ran after them. I winced in pain but I didn’t give up.

I brought out the gun and held it firmly going after the woman.

Who is she?
Why did she take my son??


our prince is just 4 hours old oo😢😢😪

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