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The King’s Pet — Episode 22

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(she’s all🌹you want)

ßy: Eunice Nwodu

Episode Twenty Two.

*******8 months later*****

🍒Zara’s pov🍒
I was on the couch with a video game remote in my hands. Damon was right beside me as we played together.

“Give up already” I beamed hitting all the buttons on the remote at once.

“I was easy on you last time. Not today ma’am” he grinned.

I glanced at the flat screen TV and saw he was really beating me up with his avatar.

“Damon…How can you be this mean?” I asked and suddenly, I burst into tears.

He paused the game and turned to me.

“Aww. Am sorry queen” he said and kissed my hair.

I sniffed.

My emotions are getting the best of me. It’s because am at the peak of my pregnancy. I’ll be giving birth in no time.

“You just want to kill me like that?” I wavered and he chuckled.

“It’s just a video game. I’ll never hurt you love, that’ll be the last thing I’d ever do” he said tucking my loose hair behind my ear.

He helped me up and we went to the bedside.

I sat on the bed and he knelt before me.

His hands were on my tummy.

“How are you feeling?” He asked looking straight into my eyes.

I twitched a little.

“Am…fine” I replied.

“I can’t wait to see my son” he revealed happily.

That made me smile.
Am pregnant with a boy.

Am so happy I’ll give Damon a son as our first child.

“Do you feel sleepy?” He asked and I nodded.

He helped me lay on the bed with my big bulgy tummy poking against my T-shirt.

🍒Gloria’s pov🍒
I glanced at the nice dress I was done with it. It’s so pretty and I bet the owner will like it alot.

I struggled with clothe as I put it in a white bag.
Having one arm can be extremely painful and stressful but am getting used to it as time goes by.

I smiled remembering what one of the maids told me this morning.
Queen Zara is pregnant!

Am so happy for her.
I can’t wait for her to give birth and her baby’s photo will be all over the news.
I’ll be able to see a second Damon.
How beautiful their child must be. She’ll give birth soon.

🍒Zara’s pov🍒
Damon and I sat on the bed as the royal doctor read from the file in his hands.

“The baby is sure to come very soon. All we have to do now is to await his arrival. And I suggest for Queen Zara to be admitted at the hospital first thing tomorrow morning” he stated and I couldn’t help but worry.

I have to stay at the hospital?
Will Damon stay with me?

“Oh…” Damon muttered like he was in a deep thought.

“But…Doctor, can’t I give birth to the baby here? At the palace??” I asked blandly but he shook his head.

“For the safety of you and your baby. In case anything goes wrong, the facilities, drugs and Anyother thing needed to revive you will be at arm’s length” he replied smartly closing the file.

I sighed.

“C’mon Zara. I’ll be there with you till you’ll go into labour. Don’t worry about it too much. you’ll be fine, okay?” Damon said rubbing the hand he has been holding the entire time.

I nodded.

“Alright. I trust you love” I cooed with a wry smile.

He turned to the doctor.

“You can leave now, thank you” he said and the old man bowed and left.

“Kris will be alright. Don’t worry” he assured rubbing my cheek.

I chuckled.

“I know…and…” I paused when I felt the a soft movement in my tummy.

I gasped.

“It moved!”.

“Really??” Damon asked looking stunned.

“Yeah! Feel it” I snapped and took his hand placing it by the side of my tummy.

“Wow…he must be really strong” I beamed.

“Of course. He inherited it from me of course” Damon boasted and I laughed.

He kicked this time and Damon gasped, his hand still on my tummy.

“Hang in there son. You’ll be out soon. Just hold on” Damon said and kissed my tummy.

I held his head and slowly, I dropped my head on his and kissed it.

I can do this.
Give birth to the future prince of this kingdom who will imitate his father’s ways and be very kind, gentle and treat a lady with respect.
I’ll make sure of that.


We’ll get to know about Mary later…💃
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