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The King’s Pet — Episode 20

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(she’s all💍you want)

Written by Eunice Nwodu💐💌💒

Episode Twenty

{The wedding💫💫}

🍒Gloria’s pov🍒
I sat on the floor with my knees facing up. I wrapped an arm around my legs.

I sniffed.

What’s going to be his sentence?

What if he orders for me to beheaded or worse, locked up in this dark hole till I die.

The door opened and the guard walked in.

“It’s time” he said coldly and walked to me.

I stood up with my head bent.
He was holding a neck chain.

“Turn around” he ordered and I obeyed.

He pinned me to the wall.

Oh God!

What’s he doing to me?

I turned sides to side trying to figure what he was up to.

He got his hand on my pants and pulled it down. What!?

“What are you doing? Stop that!” I wavered.

He didn’t say anything but continued with whatever he had in mind.

He pulled my p*ntie down and plunged into my as*.


He was damn long and extra large.
I don’t think I could contain him.

“Stop! Please” I cried as he held me in place jammed to the wall.

If only I didn’t loose my mind, I would have scratched his face and he’d end up looking like he had a fight with cats.

He starts to thrust, slow but deep.

He gunt against my ear. His voice hovering around me.

“It hurts!” I exclaimed when I realized he was stretching me out – to the peak!

I can’t believe he’s doing this..

He increased his strokes and I threw my head backwards. My feet was wobbly and I felt like I would loose both my legs now.

He stopped and pulled out.

He pulled up my pantie and pants.
I winced in pain.
Oh heavens!
It was hurting alot.

The guard picked up the neck chain and locked it around my neck. I groaned.
It was strangling and I was not in anyway comfortable.

He grabbed me my arm and began pushing me out of the cell.

“Pray that the king spares your life cause there’s a story I heard. The king sentenced the queen who cheated on him to be thrown into a well filled with scorpions and snakes. Trust me, it was a painful death” he said and I found myself shaking from the horrible imagination.

“I want to make a call to the king. There’s something he must know before he passes his judgment” I stated.

The guard laugh.

“He won’t accept your pleas…”

“No, that’s not it. Just let me talk to him. Please… I beg of you” I pleaded while he just stared at the telephone booth nearby.

🍒Zara’s pov🍒
“…I now pronounce you as husband and wife. You may now kiss your bride” the royal priest said.

Damon and I stared into each others face. I can see his great love for me in his eyes.
We drew close and he claimed my lips.

“Hail king Damon and Queen Zara” the royal priest said and a great ovation is heard from all sides of the church..

We broke the kiss saving some for later.
I glanced at mom.
She was crying.
I smiled.

Damon took my hand and we both faced the people.
It’s time for the passing of crowns.

I gulped.

The priest wore Damon his crown.
I stared at the big doors of the church expectantly.

Suddenly, the door opened ajar and she was brought in.

There was a big chain around her neck and four guards followed her inside.
Everyone’s attention was drifted to the formal queen of the kingdome as she took a walk of shame.

The murmuring and side talks became much.

“Am not comfortable with this” I whispered to Damon but he remained quiet.

Gloria was already standing before me with a dull look. She took her eyes from me and glanced at Damon.
The priest handed her the crown and she collected it with her left hand.

The paparazzi were eager to take so many photos of the un exciting scene.
The photographers light flashed on us and I could swear I almost got blinded by the harsh rays.

“I, Queen Gloria whom is now Gloria hereby pass my throne, title and wealth to the rightful Queen of this land, Queen Zara” she said dryly and put the crown on my head.

I gulped feeling damn uncomfortable.

The crowd clapped and more camera lights flashed on us.

“As the king of this kingdom, I hereby pass my judgment….”

The people didn’t let Damon complete his statement and they began to yell.

“Kill her!
“She doesn’t deserve to live!
“She’s a community whore!
“Let her be hanged.
“Crucify her next to her lover!

geez, people can be heartless.

The noise died down completely as Damon glared his eyes at them, his eyes feisty like a volcano that had just erupt.

“you, Gloria will be returned to your father’s house but you’ll never be allowed to step foot outside. You must remain indoors cause if you do come outside, I’ll let the people do what they want with you. I have passed my judgment” he stated and everyone exchanged glances murmuring.


Gloria gasped and fell on her knees shedding tears.

“Thank you your highness” she wept bitterly and the guards got her up and dragged her out.


So much questions!

Why did Damon pardon her?

Mary didn’t show up.😕
What’s she up to?

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