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The King’s Pet — Episode 2

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[She is all❤you want]


Written by Eunice


Episode Two


🍒Zara’s pov🍒

I woke up turning a bit but something or someone stopped my retreat.

King Damon!!!

I sat up and looked into his cold face as he just stared at me.


Oh God,

I remember last night’s event…

I felt like crying again from where I stopped.


“Good morning, your highness” I said looking away slowly.


“What are you doing on my bed?” He asked calmly.


Is he kidding me right now?!!!


Can’t he remember getting on top of me and in an instant defiled me?


“No…nothing sir” I stuttered with fear not letting me to speak.

What if I offend him when I tell him what he did to me?


I quickly got off the bed and covered the place my blood stained.

I don’t want him to know he could be so inhumane.


I used my back and left the room with him looking at me suspiciously.

I was sweating.


My life is ruined.


I ran to the maid quarters though my legs were hurting and found comfort In the tiny space of the bathtub.

I didn’t want anyone to see me with blood stained skirts.


I was tired of crying so I just sniffed.


🍒King Damon’s pov🍒

I watched her run like a scared chicken. But seriously, what was she doing on my bed with me?


I sat up and got off the bed with my head hurting like hell.

I passed the portrait of my late parents and sighed.


If only they were here,

they could have helped me get the right woman for a queen.


Mine is always on a business trip.

And am not bothered about her whereabouts cause I don’t love her.


It was a matter of urgency that day.

I was to be made king immediately and the counsel decided I get married to Gloria cause she was the daughter of the most popular family in The kingdom.


I think I was high the day I put the ring on her finger…


I went into the bathroom to freshen up and then my mind drifted to what happened last night.


Those b**tard friends of mine!

They got me drugged just to join them and screw a couple of p**sy.


But how did I fight the strong urges and cravings to mate?


It’s really confusing me.

All I could remember was getting home and pulling off my clothes and then…

Brushing my teeth for bed.


I tried to go deeper but it was alot of stress.


I was done bathing and I wore my casual clothes.

Am not going anywhere today and especially not with my friends.


My breakfast was on the dinning table.

I sighed and sat down. I took a bite of the wafer with dipped cheese.


Oh God…

It tastes horrible.

Not like the yummy ones I enjoy every morning.


I called one of the maids who stood by.


“What happened to the person that makes my breakfast every morning? I can tell this is not her cooking” I said truthfully.


If I took more of this crap,

I’ll throw up.


“Oh, it’s Zara that makes your breakfast. Bur she didn’t show up at the kitchen this morning so Mary cooked for you” she said.



The one I found on my bed this morning?

She’s such a good cook.

I always want more of her food but I didn’t want to look gluttony.


“Who the hell is Mary? Her food tastes awful! Just order me noodles from my favourite Chinese restaurant” I said and stood up.


She nodded and left.


I chuckled remembering Gloria…


She haven’t been close to a pot speak more of entering the kitchen.

My wifey is soo useless.


Speaking of the b**ch…

I called her and she picked up after a long time.


“Damon..” She called.

She has no respect😒

“When the fvck are you coming back?” I asked obviously pissed.


“Errrmm…Next week” she replied.


Are you kidding me?


I scoffed.


“If You want, stay there for the rest of your life b**ch, I don’t care” I said and hung up.


What nonsense…



Zara oo


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