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The King’s Pet — Episode 19

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(she’s all😍you want)

written by Eunice Nwodu💚

Episode Nineteen

🍒Gloria’s pov🍒
I don’t understand.
What does Mary want from me?

Can’t she see that my life is messed up already.

“What the hell do you want us to talk about?” I asked glaring at her.

She smiled.

“Stop being too rue. I bring you good news. I’ve gotten a way to take care of Zara and if you stand with me, I’ll get you out of here once am queen” she said and I burst out laughing.

She stared at me with a disappointed look as I laughed out my lungs.

She’s serious.

“Queen?” I asked arching my brows.
I looked at her from her head all the way down to her toes. “Tell me you’re joking”.

“Am damn serious.
Once am queen,
I’ll have your life spared” she jibed standing up.

“What role do I play in this your diabolical plan of being the queen?” I asked.

“My plans are confidential. Once you accept, I reveal. If you do not accept, am afraid I’ll have to leave with my plans” she said increasing my sense of curiosity.

I sighed.
“To hell with your plan. Damon won’t give a second thought on killing you once you mess with Zara. She’s his love now. There’s nothing we can do about it but to move on” I stated.

She rolled her eyes.

“Okay…you’ve made your choice” she said and left.

I stared after her.

As much as I wish to be free,
I don’t want to do something else nasty.

Am tired😔

I have only an arm left.

Am as good as dead so what’s the point in fighting someone bigger than you? – Damon, I thought I could fool him.

Am such a fool.

The door opened and the guard walked in.
He walked behind me as I went back to my cell.

🍒Zara’s pov🍒

“Please, turn around your majesty” a maid said and I faced her slowly taking my eyes to the mirror behind her.

What a dress!

“You look fabulous your highness. The most beautiful bride ever!” She beamed.

I smiled.

The tailors were just nearby waiting for me to decide if I like the dress or not.
My wedding gown.

It’s strapless and hugged tightly to my breast giving it an appealing view.

I don’t like it that way.
But the rest of the gown is nice.

“Can you guys make give it a strap and less revealing chest area?” I asked and they all nodded almost immediately.

“Anything for you Queen Zara” one of the tailor jibed.

🍒Hours later🍒

Today had been extremely busy and am occupied with the wedding preparations. I haven’t set my eyes on Damon after we had breakfast.

I went into the room and met him on the bed – sleeping.


He must be really tired.
I went close to the bed and laid on it.

“Hey” he said and I glanced at him.

He squinted his eyes looking at me.

“Hi Damon” I muttered.

“Have you picked a nice dress?” He asked and I nodded.

“What happened to your dad?” He asked and I stared blandly at him.

“I…I really don’t know” I replied dumbfounded.

I never met my dad and mom has decided not to reveal his wellbeing.
I got tired of asking mom about him.

“My baby?…how is he?” He asked and I blushed.

“He needs you close” I replied giggling.

The bed is quite huge and Damon was at the other end.

He smiled.

“Tell him, his mom should be the one to come close” he said and I laughed.

I went closer to him and he sat up making me rest on his chest.

“I want this wedding to be the best ever there ever is cause am with the woman I love and cherish” he stated.

“Aww. I want to get married to you right now Damon. I just can’t wait” I beamed.

He crashed his lips on mine and we kissed.
I moaned into his lips softly as he held me to himself.

🍒Elsa – Zara’s mom’s pov🍒

I stood before two dresses on my bed. They’re both perfect and it’s hard to choose the best one.

The tailors left me to conclude.

Zara’s wedding is fast approaching.

My little girl,
Zara really got the most important man in the kingdom.

She’s so lucky, unlike me who married a good for nothing man.

Am very happy for my daughter and I wish the best for her.

Wedding day💫💫💫

🍒Zara’s pov🍒
I sat on a chair as the make up artist worked their best on my face.

It’s finally the day we’ve all been waiting for.
The royal wedding.

Damon will finally be mine and I’ll be his.

But something’s making me twitch a little.


She’ll be brought before everyone and pass her crown to me before Damon passes his judgment on her.

Truth be told.
Today is a day, I’ll never forget.


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