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The King’s Pet — Episode 18

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(she’s all🎊you want)

written by Eunice Nwodu💛

Episode Eighteen

🍒Zara’s pov🍒
I woke up early and made breakfast for Damon and I.
We finished our meal and got ready to leave for the palace.

Our stay here at my house is up and We’re moving to the castle.
I told Damon I won’t be staying at queen Gloria’s room.
She tried to kill me.

I won’t be comfortable knowing she once stayed in that bedroom.
We arrived at the palace and the maids rushed to the car that was carrying our belongings.

Damon and I alit from our ride and the first person to welcome us was mom.

Is she really my mother?
She looked so beautiful and wore diamonds both on her neck and fingers.
Her skin was glowing.
Just Wow!

“Zara” she beamed and pulled me into a hug.

“Mom…how are you feeling?” I asked as we disengaged from the hug.

“Don’t I look better?” She asked and we laughed.
She turned to Damon.

“Welcome, your highness” she said and Damon hugged her.

My eyes widened.

“Thank you mother” he said in a ruffled breath as mom patted his hair.

I remember his parents.
The lovely king and queen.
They’re so nice…until they died in a car accident.

I was at the palace that day when Damon returned from London.
He was so sad and hurt.

On his coronation day, he didn’t smile one bit.
But thank goodness he’ve gotten over it now.
Am sure he has.

We went into the mansion.


I sat on Damon’s bed brushing my hair.
Damon was taking a shower.
The maids were done arranging my clothes and shoes into the closet.

I was done brushing my hair so I dropped the hairbrush.
The shower stopped running.
Damon’s done.

I climbed into the bed and laid on it covering myself with the duvet. Damon stepped out from the bathroom and our eyes locked.
My eyeballs dropped to his chest.
Not again!

Water dropped from his hair down on his abs running down slowly making him good enough to lick.

His white spotless towel was below his s-xy waist and he wore white flip flops.

He went to the closet and in a few, he came out all ready for bed. He came into the bed and laid beside me.

I pushed my body closer to his and rested on it. I could hear his heartbeat.

“How’s the baby?” He asked softly with his hand on my waist.

I twitched.

“I really don’t know but am sure it’s fine” I replied.

“Good. So, uhm…did I pass the test?” He asked and I chuckled.

“Of course” I replied grinning.

“Awwn. I love you” he said and kissed me.

I opened up and he took his time exploring my mouth with his tongue.

If this ain’t love,
I don’t know what else to call it🙈

🍒Gloria’s pov🍒
I sat helplessly on the floor wavering.
Day after day, I can’t stop sobbing and regretting.

Look how low I’ve become.

The prison door opened making racking sounds as a guard walked in.

“On your feet” he ordered.

I tried getting up slowly with the help of my left hand.

“What’s…what’s going on?” I asked looking around.

“You have a visitor” he replied coldly and I twitched.

A visitor at this late hour??

I followed him to the canteen.
Darkness hovering around the one light bulb there.

A woman was sitting at the far end of the room.

The guard left giving us privacy.

“Queen Gloria, or should I say, ex queen Gloria” a voice said and I stared at the dark figure feeding my scrutiny.
Could be home I think it is?

She removed her veil and am able to see her face.

Oh my God!

So burnt and wrinkled.

“Mary? Is that you?” I asked dumbfounded.

She chuckled.

“Of course!” She beamed laughing.
“We have something to talk about” she said with a more deeper voice.


Evil jam Evil🙆

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