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The King’s Pet — Episode 16

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(she’s all❤you want)

written by Eunice Nwodu

Episode sixteen

🍒Zara’s POV🍒
I woke up beside Damon. He was sleeping.
I smiled and removed his hands that was wrapped around my body..

I got off the bed and picked up the dress and wore it. I tip toed out of the room. I went downstairs to the kitchen and decided to make noodles for breakfast. I’ll then garnish it with vegetables.

I began cooking and singing one of my favorite songs. I was done and served the meal.

Damon came downstairs before I could go and call him.

“Hey babe” he said and placed a kiss on my forehead.
“Good morning” I said taking the fork.

“Wow, it smells so good” he jibed taking the cutleries before him.
“Thanks” I muttered taking more bote out of my meal.

“Zara” He called and I looked at him.
“Our wedding preparation is ongoing and all I want you to do is to fix a date suitable for you”.

I felt a thousand butterflies dance in my tummy.

The wedding.
Our wedding!

Am just flabbergasted.
Getting married to a king!

“I-I don’t know. Please choose” I said with a crumpled look.

He smiled.

“Okay love, how about next week?” He said and my breath hitched.
I coughed unable to contain the discomfort I felt.

“Next week!?? Damon…” I blurted drawing his name.

He smirked.
“What’s wrong with next week?” He asked.

I rubbed my hands nervously..
“It’s just too soon and you haven’t even faced the tests yet” I muttered..


I nodded.

“The love tests” I replied.

“So you want me to take a test to know if I’d be the right man to marry?” He asked leaving me dumbfounded again.

I hope he’s not mad.

I chuckled nervously unable to read the expression on his face.

“Nooo, am just kidding” I muttered and stared down at my food.
“There’s no such thing as a love tests”
I added trying to convince him that I was joking.

“Zara” he called and I narrowed my eyes at him. I love it when he calls my name with utmost comfort with a hint of romance.

“It’s okay if you want me to go through a test before you decide on marrying me. Try to see me more like a man head over hills for you not a mean king like everyone sees me, okay?” He said tenderly and I nodded.

“Sure” I mumbled shyly.

He’s all mine!
That thought is killing me with sweetness.

“So, give me a hint of my first test” he said with a grin.

“No!” I beamed blushing.

He cracked.

“Okay, no problem” he said and I was just left with smiles.

He has to past this tests but despite all.
Am still going to marry him.
I know what I feel for him is real and so does what he feel for me.

From that first night, I stepped Into his room and met him drunk.
I never imagined that would mean something till this day.

I was done eating and just as I was about to take his empty plate, he stopped me.

“I got this Sweetheart” he said softly and took my plate from me.

😂 He really wants to pass this test.

“Thank you love” I said and stepped back.

“I love you” he said and left with the plates.

I chuckled as the first love test came to mind🙈

‘Damon must sing for me’.
I don’t know when and how that’ll happen but I want to hear him sing.
Just his normal cool voice is alluring and enchanting, his voice singing would be melodious for sure.

I ran upstairs to have bath.

Damon decided to take me out to the amusement park.
I wore a flower dress with a hat👒

“Should I have the park cleared just for the two of us?” He asked on reaching the park.
We were in his limousine accompanied by four other cars filled with guards and marshalls.

“No no no. There’s no need for that” I jibed.

He smiled.

“Then I’ll have to wear my mask then” he said and fixed a beautiful black mask on his face.

“Am sorry Damon…” I winced pitying the fact that he has to hide his face.

“It’s okay babe” he said and the car came to a calm halt.


We’re here!

The door was opened and we alit.
Luckily there wasn’t much crowd.

“Let’s get some ice cream” I suggested and he nodded.

The guards found us a nice table far from people. Damon removed his mask.
Two big ice cream plates were brought before us.

It’s been long!
I rushed mine, licking and munching.

“Do you want mine too?” He asked and I nodded pouting. He passed the plate to me and I continued from where I stopped.
It’s so good😋

Suddenly, I felt a slit pinch in my tummy.
I held onto it.
I think I took too much ice cream😭

“My tummy hurts” I pouted.
Damon rushed to me.
“Should we go to the doctor?” He asked looking worried.

“No! ” I rapsed.

“The baby must hate the ice cream” he said drawing near to my tummy.

“It still hurts! Please, sing to it” I said cringing.

He scoffed.

“Sing to something that’s barely two weeks old??” He asked amused.

“Are you singing or not??” I asked still pouting.

He sighed.

“Close your ears, am singing to the baby” he said and I chuckled

He looked down at my tummy and cleared his throat.

🎧🎤You’re my honey Bonny
Yummy in the pumpkin
You’re my sweetie pie
And i love to sing sweet songs to you
ßecause you are so dear🎶🎷

So angelic😇


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Love y’all. 😘😘

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