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The King’s Pet — Episode 15

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(she’s all💅you want)


written by Eunice Nwodu💫


Episode Fifteen


🍒Zara’s pov🍒

Damon suggested we go to my house first and spend the weekend. Mom was taken to the palace to rest.

Am going to tell Damon about the pregnancy today. Am damn nervous😱


How’s he going to react??


We got into the house and tried to run to the kitchen but Damon stopped me. He pulled me back and got me pinned to the closed door.


“Damon?” I muttered as he placed his hands behind my head caging me.


He looked into my eyes with a grin.


“What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that??” I asked trying not to think about it.


“You know…” He cooed and starts to kiss my neck. He really doesn’t know am hungry..


I tried squeezing myself out of his little cage.


“Zara…you know I missed you, right?” He asked ruffling his nice black hair.

I stepped back a bit.


“I do too but we have to eat first. Am super hungry” I said and went into the kitchen.


I got to the sink and that’s when I realized he was following me.


“Are you about to work your magic?” He asked and circled his hands around my waist.


I shuddered.

“I can’t cook with you here Damon, go wait in my room” I said.


He smiled.


“Okay mom..” He whined and I chuckled my heart skipping a bit.

I’ll be a mom soon!

Is he feeling the baby too?


He went to one of the stools close to the kitchen table and sat down. He took a red apple and took a bite.


I started cooking trying to be as fast as possible. I was damn hungry.

I was done and dished out the food on two different plates.


I turned to figure out Damon wasn’t in the kitchen anymore.

I set the plates on a tray and carried it to the dinning. I set the table and began eating.

I was almost done when Damon walked in.


He was a bit marveled on seeing my plate almost cleared.


“Wow. I guess you’re hungrier than I thought” he said sitting before his plate.


He began eating slowly while I continued masticating on my meal.


🍒Gloria’s pov🍒

I yelped in pain as the doctors stitched up my arm.

Oh God!

I don’t have a right hand again…

😭😭😭how do I cope in prison?


I was told I’ll be sued for attempted murder.

This is the end of the road for me.


I should have told King Damon what I was struggling with.

Maybe he would have understood and we’ll be happy together.

Instead, I messes up–



🍒Zara’s pov🍒

I was in my room after having a cold shower. I need to find something to wear before mr s3x freak barges in.


I picked a long dress with sleeves..


I was unfolding it when the door opened.


Damon walked in shirtless.


“Hey… Are you ready for bed?” He asked

undressing me with his eyes.

I flushed.


“No, give me five minutes” I said.


He came close and kissed me on my forehead. I gulped as the dress fell off from my hands. He held the hem of my towel and down it went.


I can’t escape him tonight.

He was erect down there..


He carried me and dropped me on the bed.

He kissed me all over before coming inbetween my legs.


I watched him unzip and unleash his beast.

He lifted them on his shoulders and pulled in. He starts thrusting into me like his life depended on it.


Am left in moans and soft screams.

My b–bs bounces up and down at each thrust. He’s huge and long teaching the depths of my walls.


He goes on for a while and we both hit climax.


We laid on the bed in silence with the duvet covering us.


“Damon… I have something to tell you” I muttered looking for the right perfect words.


“Go ahead babe” he said sounding so free and reassuring.


Yea, Zara..

Your can do this.

If he didn’t leave me before, he won’t leave me now.


“Am pregnant” I breathed out a little louder than I expected.


He chuckled.


“Zara!” He gasped and hugged me.


Wow,he seems so happy.


“I love you Zara” he said against my ear and kissed me.


I love you more Damon..





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