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The King’s Pet — Episode 14

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(she’s all🎤you want)

written by Eunice Nwodu👗

Episode Fourteen

🍒Zara’s pov🍒

“Hello…” I said into the phone.

“Hey, Zara??” Damon’s voice asked and I shuddered.
I can’t believe am doing this.

Uh… I called to let you know that,
I can’t continue with this relationship.
I just wanted to gain your attention–”

“Zara? What the fvck are you saying?! I’ve been trying to reach you since morning. You weren’t at your house” he grouse sounding pissed off.

I glanced at Gloria and looked back at the paper she had written what I’d say.
She gave me instructions to say only what’s on the paper.

“Am serious Damon.
I lied to you about loving you.
In fact, i hate you..
Queen Gloria will treat you better…just stop contacting me.
Goodbye forever King Damon” I said my voice shaky at the last part.

Gloria snatched the phone from me immediately.

“Good girl…we have a flight to catch!” She beamed.

I felt my heart breaking.
Damon, it’s now or never.

🍒King Damon’s pov🍒
“… Goodbye forever king Damon” she said and before I could say anything, she hung up!

What’s wrong with Zara? Is she playing a prank on me?

I handed my phone to the man on my couch.

“Track the first number” I ordered and ran upstairs to change.
I came down in no time and he handed me my phone.

“Your highness, the phone is moving like it’s in a car or something” the guy said.

“Grab your laptop, you’re coming with me” I said and rushed while he followed behind.
I entered my jeep and he joined me in the front.

The guards rushed to our car but I reversed and drove off without them. They won’t be as fast as I want them to be..

Where are you going Zara? What did I do for you to say this?

I would have believed her but for the fact I was the one that forced myself on her.
I was the one that abused her so why would she say it was all a plan?

She’s lying…

🍒Zara’s pov🍒
I stayed quietly in the car as Gloria and her men drove me to where mom was.
We would then leave together to God knows where.

I wish I could see Damon and kiss him for the last time.
Tell him am pregnant?
I don’t think I can tell him.
Besides, it’s now a one way trip to a lone of no return.

We arrived at an ugly bungalow and Gloria stepped out.
She isn’t worried about me cause am tied up.

We waited for a long time before she came out with a man dragging mom out.
Mom had a bruise on her cheek.
I clenched my fist.

The two men in the car with me climbed out.
They opened the door of the car and pulled me out.

“Hey!” I fuss trying to free myself from them.

I thought she said they’d take us away.
They threw me on the floor close to mom who was crying profusely.

“Oh God…
Let me see my girl for the last time!
Don’t hurt her for the love of God!” She muttered.

She was blindfolded.
She was swinging her hands in the air trying to feel something.

“Don’t worry mom. Am here!” I panted shifting to her the easiest way I could.

“Zara…” She cried as she finally touched me.

“Aww, such a sweet moment” Gloria said and scoffed.

“What’s going on? You said you’d spare us and take us away” I said.

She laughed.

“Do you think am that stupid!!??” She yelled into my face.
My eyes widened.
Oh no!

“I told you, you messed with the wrong queen” she said and brought out a gun from her purse.

She pointed it at mom.
“No! Please…” I yelled and hugged mom.

I heard a loud bang and I froze.
My heart stopped beating for a while…
Who did she shoot?
Me or mom…

Fear gripped me as I pulled away from mom slowly.
I turned to see Gloria still at the spot.
Her arm had been shot clean off!.
Oh my God!

She screamed.


Her wrist was bleeding.
What’s going on?

I looked around and my eyes fell on Damon’s!
He was with a gun.
He shot Gloria😱

Instantly, we were surrounded by the police and they rounded Gloria’s men.

I was quickly untied with mom.
Damon hugged me tightly.

“Crazy girl. I thought I lost you” he muttered and kissed me on my neck.
I smiled out tears.
I thought I lost him too.

Gloria was been taken by the cops.
They didn’t handcuff her cause her right wrist had been shot off by Damon

Mom pulled me away from Damon and hugged me shedding tears.
If only she knew she just pulled me away from the king.
If she did, she’d ask for permission to hug me.

“Zara! I warned you not to get into trouble with the royal family..much more the queen!” She scolded.

“Am sorry mom” I muttered.
She rubbed my hair.
“Although…you look quite fresh and pretty. You must be feeding well there” she said looking happy.

I nodded.

Damon was standing behind mom but not too close. He tried to come but I shook my head for him to maintain his distance.
Mom shouldn’t know I had an affair with the king. She’ll not be so happy.

Damon ignored my protest and approached us. He took my hand from mom and made me face him.
And slowly, he kissed me.

I heard mom gasp but I didn’t stop.
I wrapped my hands around his neck.
I love you Damon.


Queen Gloria has lost an hand 😂😂
Who will donate🙏🙏


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