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The King’s Pet — Episode 12

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(she’s all💘you want)

written by Eunice Nwodu💍

Episode Twelve

🍒Mary’s pov cont.🍒
“You think you killed me right?!!” He asked and I flinched.

What have I gotten myself into?

I should have just paid him off..
He’s the man I bought the womb poison from. He was charging too much and I just had to hit a bottle on his head thinking I’d killed him..

He grabbed me by my neck and I shriek.
His grip was hurting me.

I started shedding tears.

“Am sorry” I cried.

He chuckled.

“By the time am done with you. You’ll be sure as hell sorry” he said and hit something on my head.
I passed out.

🍒Zara’s pov🍒
I woke up from my slumber with a slight headache.
I got off the bed and stretched myself.
I heard loud laughing and I went to the window…

I looked down to see a school bus filled with kids inside. A lady was standing close by with her baby in her arms and two girls standing beside her waving to the school bus.

And that’s when the thought nuzzles me.

What If am pregnant??😱😱

I took some money and went to a clinic to buy a home pregnancy test kit. Curiosity got the best of me.
I returned to my room and followed the instruction written at the pack.
I haven’t taken breakfast though.

After few minutes, I looked into it.
Two lines…
What does that mean?
I looked back at the pack!😱😱
I quickly held my tummy.

Am pregnant!.
With ‘his’ baby.
Damon’s first child.
I smiled.


🍒Queen Gloria’s pov🍒
I waited for Damon to get home.
Thank goodness!
I heard his cars driving in.

I was in my best night dress waiting to seduce the king. He can’t resist me. I hate being turned down.

I was in his room and he walked in.
Damon is quite charming.
I shouldn’t have left him in the first place.
Can I ever win his heart.

He glanced at me and went straight to the bathroom. He came out wet and a towel round his waist.
He went to his closet and wore some clothes before coming to the bed.

I watched him in anticipation.
Waiting for him to grab me and pull my nightie off.
He took his phones and headed for the door.

“Damon! Stop!” I yelped and ran to him.
I stopped before him.

“I told you I would explain what happened. Why I was sleeping around. I was being blackmailed!” I rapsed.

“Really? Blackmailed?” He asked nonchalantly.

I nodded.

“I don’t know who they’re but they said they’d hurt my parents if I don’t do as they say!” I said.

“I don’t care about the details Gloria. Our divorce papers will be ready tomorrow. All you need to do is to be here when the lawyer comes” he said and walked past me.

“Damon! Damon please! Am sorry😭😭” I said not believing I would cry though.

He paused and turned looking at me.
I stood there feeling myserable and pathetic.

“Damon. Am deeply sorry” I added hoping my tears would change his mind.

He rolled his eyes and walked away.

🍒Mary’s pov🍒
I woke up to find myself tied to a chair and an open fire in the room.

The man was infront of the fire doing something. I tried to free myself but it’s just impossible.
By: Eunice Nwodu*

He suddenly paused and turned.
He smirked as he stared at me.

“Please sir, I wasn’t thinking straight! I was desperate…please!” I panicked jerking back and forth.

He stood up holding a metal in his hand.
I looked closely..
What’s he planning to do?

He came closer and dabbed the hot part of the metal on my cheeks.
I screamed like I had just being stabbed.



“Please!!! Ah!!!

I cried feeling burning pains.
My cheeks were getting wrinkled and demoralized.
I she’d hot tears.
I should have just bought insecticides from the market and poured into the energy drink😭😭

🍒Zara’s pov🍒
Tonight was so lonely.
I had slept during noon and now my eyes are damn active.
I was on my bed reading a novel.
Anything to keep myself occupied.

I don’t know how am going to tell Damon about the pregnancy. Maybe I should be patient till he leaves Queen Gloria.

If he doesn’t leave her,
I can’t possibly pose as his baby mama or his mistress!

I heard a sound and it got me alert.
Could it be a rat downstairs?
I suddenly became scared.

I heard footsteps.
I jerked up not knowing were to run to.

The footsteps scared the hell out of me!

Is it a ghost?
I ran into the closet and closed it.
Dang it!
The lock is outside the closet.

I heard full footsteps inside the room.
I shivered.
There’s someone here with me.

I tried to be calm as possible.
instantly, the closet opened and two men in masks were right before me.
I panicked as one of them covered my nose with a handkie and I passed out feeling weak..


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